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We make clipping path service for your product or fashion photos simple, quick, and affordable, so you can focus on growing your company. Enjoy the high quality, fast delivery, and 24/7 support. Our dedicated clipping path specialists team is ready to work with you.


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Thomas Cherry
Thomas Cherry
We were referred to Clipping Path Universe by a photographer that we work with very regularly. This was our first time using their services, and we are beyond pleased with our results. The staff is very thorough to make sure that they understood our requests. The quote was returned well before the 45 minutes estimated, and the editors we work with communicated with us throughout the whole process. They sent us a proof just to make sure it was done the way that was expected before we received the final files. It is so convenient to be able to choose the file format as well...
Julie Berger
Julie Berger
Awesome, fast and reliable. These are just a few words that describe the level of service Clipping Paths India provides. With volume projects such as ours being able to rely on a great team is crucial.
Austin Steele
Austin Steele
Great work, delivered on time and at a good price. What's not to like?
Cristefar Marlow
Cristefar Marlow
I asked for a quote and received it in less than 20 minutes. I asked that the work be done in 12 hours and it was done, and delivered, in under 11 hours. I asked that the work be saved as a .png file, on a transparent background; it was done exactly as I requested and perfectly executed.Great Job CPU.
Jane Austin
Jane Austin
The staff at Clipping Path Universe go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect! I can highly recommend their services.
Mark Jonson
Mark Jonson
Great job! We made a mistake when ordering a service we forgot to request something realised when we got images back. CPU took care of it with out a second thought! Thanks for the great work.
Carlos Roberto
Carlos Roberto
I have really appreciated the communication and skills Clipping Path have offered me in helping me with my work.... thank you CPU
Robert Lee
Robert Lee
They are very efficient. Hopefully, I will always do my work with them. Best of luck CPU.
Reza hredoy
Reza hredoy
James Mark
James Mark
They are really profesonal.They maintain customer staisfaction.I am strongly recommended them.

Clipping Path Service Within Time and Budget

A Clipping Path is a vector path or graphic design to cut a particular subject in a photo. It is a photoshop technique that can remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from your photography. At the same time, the items inside the path will remain for further usage. Thus, it isolates the focused object from the noisy background and helps the image to have better exposure.

Clipping Path Service
Product Photo Clipping Path
Photoshop Image Clipping

Clipping Path Universe can cut out images very skillfully with a trained and experienced team of editors. With our professional services, you can grow your business to a great extent. 

In addition, we offer a wide range of clipping path services exclusively for you and your business. Take our Free Trial right now to check the superior quality of our work.

Get Clipping Path Services in 4 Simple Steps

Getting our clipping path services is quite simple. We suggest you focus on your business, and we handle everything regarding photoshop and retouching images. Our skilled team is ready 24 hours a day to provide you with the best quality of services in four easy steps.

Get Free Trial

As a new client, use our Free Trial option to send us your images and instructions. So, you can check quality photo editing. We edit up to 03 images for free of cost. No credit card is required and a non-disclosure agreement for image safety.

Get A Quote

After getting your images, one of our managers will inspect them. And, we offer you a custom quote based on the volume and complexity of editing images. CPU is offering cheaper price than any clipping house.

We Edit

Once we are on the same page and you give us the green light, we start working. Our professional team is working day and night for you. We have a pretty large team, so that we can handle bulk orders quite comfortably.

Get Images Back

After our editors finish editing your images, we will send you to them. We are very serious about timely delivery. You can expect your delivery within as little as 24 hours. And then if you like our work, you can order again.

Professional Clipping Path Service to Grow Your Business

Clipping Paths are essential for every business. Whether you own an online business or offline, you will have to deal with photos. Especially if it’s an eCommerce business, its success depends highly on how it uses images. 

Image clipping allows you to drive the attention of your clients on a particular subject of a photo. Besides, it enables you to get rid of unwanted background objects. 

However, CPU offers services to every kind of business. For example, if you have an online store, we can edit all of your product photos. 

Again, if you have a photography agency, we can help you edit photos to promote your organization. In short, no matter what your purpose of using an image is, we can help. Our clipping path services will allow you to grow your business by minimizing post-production cost, time, and hassle.

CPU is different from any other regular clipping path service providers. Our Unique features make us special. If you need image clipping or photo retouching services for you or your business, We can be of your best assistance. Some unique features of us that matters are —

Pixel Perfect Path

Any amateur can do clipping path works. But getting the perfect pixel path is something that not everyone can do. Luckily, our team has years of experience in this sector. Therefore, we can eliminate the background from your photo with a pixel-perfect path.

Same Day Delivery

Clipping Path Universe has built a massive team of expert editors. Therefore, if you need an urgent delivery, you can rely on us. We can deliver up to 5000 images a day. However, thanks to our skilled professionals, the work will always be top-notch.

Budget Friendly

If you don't believe in spending excess on anything, we don't recommend you to be a spendthrift. Our pricing can suit anyone's needs. Check below or request a free quote to know more about our reasonable pricing for different services.

Data Security

Nothing to worry about, your data are safe with us. As humans and business professionals, we know how important privacy is. Therefore, we are committed to protecting your data. We don't use, share or sell clients photographs in original or modified state.

Clipping Path Price Guideline

Clipping Path Universe offers a budget-friendly and flexible pricing plan for everyone. We determine our rate mainly based on the complexity of the editing.

Some photos require only a few basic touch-ups, while others need more advanced processing. Therefore, we have divided our pricing into four distinct categories. Based on how much editing you want, the pricing will be applied for your work.

Simple Image Clipping

A simple clipping path includes a basic editing process. Only a few clicks will be required for image clipping. It mainly comprises different types of products such as sunglasses, t-shirts, smartphones, books, etc.

One of the common characteristics of the focused object is, it won’t have many anchor points. Instead, the edges will be of a straight circle or other shapes, but simple.

As it doesn’t require much effort from our skilled team, we offer simple clipping services only at $0.29 per image.

Simple Clipping Path

Medium Image Clipping

The items fall under the medium category and will have more complex edges. They will include a more significant number of anchoring points for clipping path photoshop.

As a result, this editing process will take more time than simple editing. Besides, here the editor also needs to be careful. Or else the edges won’t be smooth after cutting out the background.

Due to its time-consuming editing process and requirement of expert hands, we have priced medium clipping only at $1.49 per image.

Complex Clipping Paths

Complex Image Clipping

As you can guess by the name, a Complex clipping path includes a complicated working process. The edges of the focus subject will be intricate. Hence, very skilled hands will be required to have a smooth finishing.

Complex clipping path services are applied for different products such as flowers, bags with laces, trees, etc. Of course, unprofessional editors won’t be able to achieve the results you want. But our skilled team is very capable of doing it.

As our highly skilled professionals will do this with the utmost care, the price for complex services is $7 per image.

Complex Image Clipping

Multi Clipping Path

Our most experienced and skilled editing personnel handle multipath clipping image services. The objects that have multiple paths fall under this category. 

Therefore, editing these items requires a more extraordinary skill with a lot of time. 

However, our team members have worked on this editing process for years and have gained superior experience. So, you can undoubtedly try our services for this kind of work.

However, due to the complexity of work and the requirements, our pricing for multipath clipping path services is $10 per image.

Multi Clipping Path​

Our Professional Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path Universe offers a wide range of photo editing services. Our professional team has expertise in every sector of photo editing.
One of the primary services we offer is background removal. That’s because, in online stores, it’s crucial to have a white background for products.
For example, if you have a store on Amazon or eBay, you should know they only accept product photos with white backgrounds. We can help you to have a transparent, white, or any colored background on your demand. 
It’s a typical case where an image has a distracting background. But these unwanted objects in the back can distract the viewer and ruin it. Hence, our expert team can remove those objects and drive viewers’ attention to a particular subject you want
We also offer our different services to different fashion industry professionals. But, of course, the key selling point of this industry is beauty and trends. But raw images may not look very nice. 
So, to make them look gorgeous, we use different Photoshop tools. Besides, we always stay updated with the latest information. Thus, we also maintain the trends that people like.
Moreover, small businesses may not be able to get a high-quality production house. As a result, the images come in poor quality. But there’s nothing to worry about as making it look like a professional while keeping things natural.
Check our service page for more details on the photo editing services we offer.

How To Use Clipping Path for Thriving eCommerce Business?

Most eCommerce businesses use photoshop image clipping services today.  Clipping Path service helps with making images appealing and generates higher sales.
According to research, 38% of consumers want to see a product photo with white background.
Another study shows 93% of the consumers online are influenced by the colors of the products. Sadly, cameras may not detect the proper color due to the lighting. 
Now, you have to deal with a lot of product images. And when people visit your page, see the products, and buy if they like them. 
But. if you don’t have good quality product photos, you’ll fail to impress the customer. As a result, you won’t make the sale.
Our clipping path specialists have both skills and experience to increase sales.
How To use Clipping Path for Thriving eCommerce Business
Why Photographers Choose CPU to Edit Photos

Why Do Photographer Choose to Work with us?

Many of our clients are professional photographers. If you think a good photographer will always be a great editor, that’s wrong. Besides, when there’s a lot of work, a photographer hardly gets any time for editing.

Therefore, photography experts prefer us to do their editing work. It saves their time and allows them to focus more on improving their photography skills.

Moreover, our budget-friendly pricing with delivery in time makes Clipping Path Universe the first choice for professional photographers.

Why Hire a Clipping Path Company?

For editing, you can hire either individual editors or a company. However, a clipping path company has many advantages over in-house experts.

Therefore, we highly recommend you take the services of Clipping Path Universe. Some of the benefits of hiring a clipping path company rather than in-house experts are —

Experts of a clipping path have to deal with a massive number of photos every single day. Therefore, they gain more and more experience. Moreover, it allows them to become more skilled.

Besides, due to versatile orders, the team overall can edit almost any kind of images effectively. But the work of an in-house editor is limited. Hence, he may not gain much knowledge in the field.

Handling thousands of images will be tough for in-house editors. But here in the Clipping Path Universe, we have a massive team of experts. Therefore, we can handle any number of orders quite efficiently.

If you hire in-house experts, you’ll have to invest in many other materials and space. That will result in an unnecessary investment. Instead, if you hire a clipping path service company, you can save that extra money and invest in only editing.

Maintaining timelines is crucial in businesses. Late delivery can sometimes cost millions. Our large team of experts is conscientious about that. Therefore, we require minimal time to complete your order.

Frequently asked questions

Image clipping path is a static vector path, process of cutting out images to give the focus subject a better exposure. Whereas the service ensures quality editing in a short time and at a fraction of costs. Hence, service providers work as your online photo editing team, working on your instructions and guidelines as like inhouse team.

The purpose of the clipping path is to eliminate noisy backgrounds for a photo that can distract viewers. As a result, it becomes easier to drag viewers’ attention to a particular object.

Photoshop clipping is also massively used in photo retouching, color correction and other techniques. As it allows selecting any specific subject or objects inside an image.

The best service provider should have years of experience in the field. Besides, it will offer an exceptionally budget-friendly rate while maintaining superior quality. Lastly, the provider should consistently deliver orders in time.

CPU, the best clipping house, offering free trial to judge the quality before order. For years, we are able to maintain a good reputation and relationship with our clients.

Hence, we are confidently providing unlimited revision until you are satisfied with the money back guarantee.

Using a clipping path in photoshop is a complicated process and requires a lot of explanation. In short, you can do this by using the pen tool.

Our expert clipping path specialist zoomed out the image 4x time and drew the paths carefully so that it did not lose any details.

Besides, if you require we will deliver in PSD or EPS format, so that you can do whatever you like. The most common uses are transparent background making, objects color or background changing, move, modify or resize specific item.

Note: you can also utilize our team to achieve them.

Raw photos usually never come out perfect. Therefore, to enrich the quality of images, it’s essential to use a clipping path. It allows you to achieve the best outcome you want from your pictures.

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