Background Removal Service

Background Removal Services

Image background removal services are one of the most popular services in the photo editing industry. As a retailer of an online store, you need your photos edited to attract your customers. And one of the most important jobs out there is removing the background of an image. 

You may ask why you would need to erase the background of your photos. That is because the wrong background can ruin the quality of the picture. Here at Clipping Path Universe, we will take care of your background removal needs and replace them with the right ones. 

Background Removal Services in Clipping Path Universe

Removing background from images is one of the most popular services we offer. Our professional designers use the best tools out there, such as Adobe Photoshop, to remove background from images. 

In E-Commerce, your product images are what represents your business. So, you will need only the highest quality photos to define your sites. To help you do that, we use the most advanced Photoshop tools to deliver you the highest quality photos. 

Apart from removing backgrounds from your photos and product images, we offer many more image editing services. These include clipping path services, image masking services, invisible mannequins, drop shadows, photo retouching services. So, come on down and get your photos edited.

We have built our company upon customer satisfaction. No matter the nature of your request, we can fulfill it. To ensure that our work can please your needs, use the free trial that we offer. We will not disappoint you.

In the photo editing business, you can judge a company based on three factors. They are as follows.

Background Removal Service In Clipping Path Universe
Photoshop Background Removal Service
Best Background Removal Service

Betst Quality

A poorly done background can hurt your brand and your reputation. To make sure that does not happen, you have to make sure that you get the best quality pictures. And here at Clipping Path Universe, we ensure the best quality removal service.

First Delivery

Meeting deadlines is our specialty. As we have several teams of trained experts, we have enough staffing to dedicate to your removal project. Thanks to our dedicated teams, we can provide quotes, customer service, and results with the quickest turnaround time.

Cheap Price

One of the most attractive points of our service is its cheap price. Moreover, discount pricing does not come at the cost of quality. No matter your order’s size, be it a single photo or a bulk batch of thousand pictures, we will deliver you the best quality work.

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What Is Image Background Removal?

Choosing the right background for your product photography is very crucial to your business. If the product’s colors do not go well with the background, it can ruin the entire photo. In some cases, the background can shift the focus from the product to something else. For that reason, you need the perfect background for every single image. 

Unfortunately, that is a nearly impossible task. But that does not mean that once you choose the background wrong, it’s game over. You can hire the services of photo editors for eliminating the unwanted background. 

Photo editors use different tools such as the pen tool to isolate the photo. Then they remove any distractions present in the frame. And if needed, they replace the background with a more fitting one. Popular services include cars replacing the backdrop with a white background. 

Types of our Image Background Removal Services

We offer different types of background removing services depending on the complexity of the subjects. The more complex the photo, the more hours we spend working on it, and the higher the cost. 

Basic Shaped Subjects

These are the simplest objects with a few holes or transparency. They need six or fewer anchor points, several paths, and slight curves. Some popular examples of such things are mobile phones, packets, books, shoes, etc.  

Medium Shaped Objects

You can use this service for images that are more complex than the basic ones. These subjects include many manifold paths and anchor points. They also contain embedded transparency and many holes. Products like clothes, motor parts, nets need this level of background removing service. 

Complex Shaped Object 

These are the most advanced subjects that need high-end photo editing services. They need many anchor points and many closed paths. While this service will cost you the most, it will also get you the best results. 

You can use this service to remove or alter the background color of the most intricate objects. These objects include furry dolls, images with cars, hair, cycle, fences. Many of these objects also have many shapes. 

Multiple Objects Background Removal 

Multiple Objects Background Replacing is an effective way to handle your color correction projects. Professional designers use this technique to isolate the substantial parts from multiple objects. They do it to change the color of the individual pieces as needed. 

It combines multiple colors or paths in a single object for removing background and color correction. 

Improve eCommerce Sales with Awesome Background Removal Services

As an owner of an E-Commerce store, you surely know the importance of quality product images. As a customer cannot judge your products’ quality by touching them, its pictures are all they can base their decision on. If your catalog does not have the best quality photos, the customer will not buy your goods. 

To make sure the customer uses your service, you need your catalog to make a good impression. No matter the type of your product, it can be fashion goods, accessories, or anything else, the subject of the photo needs to impress the customer. But if you think that a professional photography session is all that you need, you are mistaken. 

No matter how much effort you put into the photo session, everything will not come out looking its best. You may have an unwanted background or shadow. There may be a need for color correction. That is where the photo editing companies come in. 

Editing companies such as ourselves can help you eliminate any unwanted backgrounds. That way, the client can focus on your pictures’ subject. Using white backgrounds to portray your products has become all the rage now. Apart from that, these editing agencies will also enhance the quality of your photos with different services. These services include but are not limited to the shadow effect, image masking services, etc. 

Why Choose Us?

You need to decorate your catalog with the highest quality images. And that is why you should use our services here at Clipping Path Universe. We have a team of car photo editors dedicated to photo background removal. They will spend hours devoted to your project and will work hours to meet your photo editing needs. We thrive on customer satisfaction and leave no stones unturned towards achieving that goal. 

One major factor of photo editing services is the turnaround time. Thanks to our team of graphic designers, we can promise the quickest turnaround time. And we can do so because of our team of professionals’ efficient technique. 

You can ask to replace the original background with transparent backgrounds using white background removal. You can also want to change the background color. Whatever you want, we can deliver you the highest quality, the quickest turnaround, and the most affordable price.

How We Remove the Background from An Image?

There is no one fix for all in the background removal services. There are many ways and tools to get the job done. Here at Clipping Path Universe, our team of trained experts uses clipping paths to remove your images’ background. That is in the case of the more uncomplicated cases. 

However, there are some cases where we will have to use advanced photoshop image masking tools. Such cases occur when the subject has hair or fur on it.

Methods We Use to Remove the Background

In the world of product photography, there are various essential photo editing techniques. And when talking about removing unwanted backdrop, the name of two approaches comes to mind. They are clipping paths and image masking. 

Photo editors use these two techniques to remove any unwanted objects from your photo’s background. But they carry some distinct dissimilarities. While they both do the same thing, they do it in different ways. 

Clipping Path Technique

Our photo editors use the clipping paths technique to remove the background of an image. In this process, the photo editors use a tool from Photoshop known as the pen tool. They use the pen tool to cut out a 2D image to bring out the best output. 

Every member of our team of photo editors is adept at using the pen tool. They start the process by drawing a path around the edge of the subject. After they have finished drawing the path, the background is no longer there. And only the subject remains. 

We usually use the clipping path technique for photographs that contain objects with smooth and hard edges. Some good examples of such things are chairs, tables, mannequins, etc. 

Image Masking Technique 

Here at Clipping Path Universe, we strive for customer satisfaction. When it is no longer possible to get the perfect output using the clipping paths technique, our editors lean towards a more advanced method. That is the image masking technique. We usually have to apply this technique when we are working with objects containing rough and soft edges. 

The image masking technique is a high-end editing technique. Our trained professionals use this technique to remove an image from its hide or expose particular elements. We use this technique when the subject has intricate edges, lines, many curves, or low details. It includes objects such as smoke, hair, fur, feathers, smoke, etc. 

Our editors use the most advanced tools such as the magic eraser tool, background eraser tool to supply you with the best result. They also use color separation techniques to mask an image. You can also use our image masking services to modify, alter, or add new layers to remove any flaws from an image. 

Who Needs Image Background Removal Services?

In most cases, removing background from any image is not that difficult to do. However, E-Commerce retailers have to deal with a lot of product images by batch. So, they have to invest a lot of time behind the removal process. Another option available to them is to hire an in-house photo editor. However, that can be pretty expensive and not worth the cost. 

That is why E-Commerce stores must use image background removal services to save time and effort. The process allows the online shops to remove any distractions from the subject photo by isolating it. And the result produced creates a pleasing sight that can entice your customers to buy the product. 

Retailers that use printed catalogs can benefit from removing image backgrounds as well. By removing any distractions, the rosters can have a nice, clean look. By removing any irrelevant objects from the image, you can help the clients use your product with more ease. 

It is better to hire the services for your image background needs. That way, you can get the best output and increase your store’s sales. 

When to Remove Background From Photos?

As an online store owner, you need to know when you should use professional background removal services. They are as follows. 

  • When the background of the image takes the focus away of  the viewer from the subject of the image
  • When the background contains distracting elements
  • If the background is not complementary to the subject and is inconsistent
  • To meet the requirements of online marketing sites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. 
  • When you need to highlight the product details to attract the attention of potential buyers
  • When you are looking to achieve a transparent background
  • When you need to create uniformity in terms of background details in all your product images

When not to Remove Background From Photos?

As you need to know when you need to use background removal services, you should also know when not to use them. They are as follows. 

  • When the background of the image produces a complementary effect to the subject
  • When you can create a white background making backdrops and lighting during the product photography

Get The Best Background Removing Services

At Clipping Path Universe, we are constantly exploring new options and trying out new techniques. Thanks to the minds of the most talented and the most advanced technologies, we are sure to deliver you the best output. 

Our trained graphic designers have many years under their belt in the photo editing industry. Thanks to their years of experience, they have achieved the highest mastery level and can work with pinpoint precision. Our trained expert applies the clipping path technique while zooming in on the object. As a result, they can retain the natural shape of the object and remove unwanted distractions while making the image look natural. 

Many background removal services use automated services to remove the background. It results in an inadequate photo cut-out, and the images look fake.

While here at Clipping Path Universe, we take care of the entire process by hand. The automated process can result in low-quality outputs and can harm your business’s reputation. That is why we take utmost care when removing unwanted distractions from your images, as we care about your satisfaction. Protection Status