How to make a transparent background in Photoshop 2022 | Updated Tutorial


Making a transparent background in Photoshop for an eCommerce product image is very important. A transparent background will allow you to place your product against any background. If you know- how to make a transparent background in photoshop 2022, it’s a cinch.

In this tutorial, you will learn from start to finish, soup to nuts, all the little things that you need to know to make a transparent image background in photoshop. So that every time you use this method in the future, you can get the results you want.

There are many ways to make a transparent backgrounds in photoshop. I will explain two here. One is the automated way, which only takes a few seconds to make the image background transparent, but if you fail to use this one, you can try the manual way.

So let’s get started.

How to make a background transparent in Photoshop 2022 using the Artificial Intelligence tools like Remove Background?

Now I will explain to you the easiest way to remove the background and make a background transparent in Photoshop with a little help of Artificial intelligence or Preset Action.

Adobe Photoshop has a new feature that can automatically separate any subject from an intrusive background. You can remove the background in a second for a basic shaped and single-colour background image. This editing process is not effective for images with complex edges. Use manual way of background removal for complex images.

Follow the following steps to create the background transparent using photoshop’s preset action like Remove Background.

Open your Image:

Drag and drop your image into Adobe Photoshop. Then click window>layers.

How to make a background transparent in Photoshop using Artificial Intelligence tools like Remove background_

Create A Duplicate Layer:

Create a duplicate layer. You can do it by selecting the entire image pressing (Control+A) on pc and (Command+A) on mac. Then Control/Command+C to make a copy of the original picture, and finally Control/Command+V to paste it on a new layer. Default layer name is “Layer 1”

How to make the background transparent in photoshop

Hide the original layer:

To Hide the background layer click on the eye in the Layers Tab. 

Transparent Background in photoshop

Remove the Background:

Scroll down in the Properties panel to the Quick Action section.

You will see two options- Remove Background and Select Subject. Click on Remove Background. This applies the Remove Background Quick Action. After Adobe Sensei analyses the image and automatically removes the background and makes the image background transparent.

Remove Background Transparent in photoshop

Export and Save it:

Finally export the image. Click on File>Export>Export As..

Remove background using adobe photoshop

Then select the PNG format (make sure click on Transparency feature) and click on export to save the image to transparent background.

How to make PNG Transparent Background

How to make a transparent background in Photoshop manually for a product image?

We can make a transparent background in photoshop manually for any product images. To manually cut out the background from a product image, separate the Product from the background scene by outlining the entire product edge. You can use many tools to separate the background from the foreground object.

Using a chair image, I will show you how we can remove the backdrop with the selection tools of photoshop and make the images’s background transparent.

Step 1. Create a layered file with Photoshop

First, open Photoshop, choose an image you want to remove from the background to make it transparent. You can use any format of files, but jpeg/jpg is most likely. For example, I used a picture of a chair in front of a solid color background (white background).

how to make transparent background in photoshop

Then, open the Layers panel. This panel is default positioned to the right of your image window when you first open it. Another way to access the layer panel is by selecting Window>Layers from the drop-down menu at the top of the application window.

How to make a Transparent Background Layer

Change the current layer’s name by double clicking on the Background layer in the layer panel. The default value is “Layer 0”. However, you can leave it as it is and Click Ok.

How to make a duplicate Transparent Layer in Photoshop

Now your background layer is open to make a selection and delete the background from the object to make it transparent.

Step 2: Select your object by photoshop selection tool.​​

At this point, you need to select the foreground object (chair) using any selection tool(s) you find most convenient. The following are your top choices:

  • Object Selection Tool
  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Lasso Tool
  • Pen Tool

Use the Magic Wand Tool from the toolbar, Click and hold the 4th tool and you can find the Magic Wand Tool in a new window.

how to get rid of white background in photoshop

Top of the screen you can see Select Subject. Click on it, adobe photoshops artificial intelligence will automatically select the object from the image. You will find “marching ants” all around the selection. 

how to make an image background transparent in photoshop

If you see that selection is poor, use the Magic wand tool. Then, select Subtract from selection to remove if any extra pixel background is left behind.

how to make photo transparent in photoshop

If any part of the product is missing from the selection, use the Add to Selection button at the top of the toolbar.

how to transparent background photoshop

Step 3: Delete the Background to make it transparent

As you already learned how to select the product from its background. Now it’s time to learn how to erase the background and separate the product from its background.

Once the product or object selection is done, please select the inverse by typing-

  • Windows: (SHIFT+CTRL+I)
  • Mac: (command+shift+I).

Choose Select>Inverse from Adobe Photoshop 2022′s dropdown menu.
how to change transparency in photoshop

By doing this you have selected the background. Now enter the Backspace on your keypad ( Delete on mac) and see the magic. Your background is transparent now.

Transparent background in PNG Format

In Adobe Photoshop 2022 transparent background is a combination of white and grey chessboard pattern. Now type CTRL+D on windows (Command+D on mac) to deselect the selection.

Now you have learned the way to make a transparent background in photoshop 2022.  If you want, you can add a new background layer and experiment with different colour schemes, effects, images, and designs to see how your selection will look.

4. Save your picture in the web-ready format.

After completing the first step of Making a transparent background in adobe photoshop, now it’s time to save your image to the right format to display it with a transparent background on your online store or ecommerce website.

It’s important to know what is the best way to save in a transparent background, because some of the saving options of Photoshop automatically restore a white background.

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PNG-24 file format is the best to save your image in a transparent background. PNG-24 format allows multiple layers of transparency. When you save it in this format, you eliminate the possibility of ever getting a pixelated “halo” appearance around an item or logo when you set it on a new backdrop, regardless of the color of that background.

Don’t use the PNG-8 file format because it creates the ‘halo’ effect. Always use PNG-24.

Here’s how to save a transparent background image.

1. Type SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+W on windows and SHIFT+OPTION+COMMAND+W on a Mac

2. Select File>Export>Export as.. from the menu-bar on the top.

Note: Please keep that in mind; the older version of photoshop doesn’t have the option Export as. In that case, select PNG-24, and click Save for Web.

How to save in png transparent format

In a new window, File settings are available on the right-hand side of the image. Select the PNG Format. Under the PNG Format, a checkbox called transparency. Don’t forget to select the click on the checkbox. Make sure you don’t choose the Smaller File (8-bit). It will turn your PNG-24 image into a PNG-8 image.

white background to transparent background tutorial

You can see the file size on the left side. Big image size always decreases the website loading speed. It is always preferable to keep images as little as possible in terms of file size. The image dimension is adjustable. A smaller dimension indicates a smaller size.

The display may be different for each customer. Many customers use retina displays to view the product. Save your product image 50–100% larger than you want it to appear. If your product will be 400px broad, make it 600px wide.

Sometimes you face the problem of enhancing the quality of the image while you need to reduce the file size. So that you need to work a little bit to maximise the image size while minimising the file size.

To speed up the web page load, you can keep the featured product image large for retina display and other product images to the actual size.

Step 5: Save your file

After setting the image size, Click Export.

how to create a transparent background

Finally, choose a folder for your web-ready photos in the Save dialog box. Better to keep the images in a separate folder to avoid the confusion when uploading the images in your online store. After setting the image name and setting the extension to PNG

Click Save.

This is how, you can make a transparent background in photoshop 2022 for any product images.

How to make a transparent background for a logo in Photoshop

Always put the website logo on a transparent background. If your logo’s background is transparent, it can be placed anywhere on your website.

Sometimes the logo is saved in white or any other background in jpeg/jpg format. In that case you need to delete the background to make the logo transparent and save the logo to PNG24. If you’re lucky enough to have a logo in the form of a vector file (one that ends in.AI,.EPS, or.PDF), you’ll still need to open it in Photoshop and change it to a PNG-24 so that it can be used on the web.

In this tutorial you will learn- how you can make the logo background transparent in photoshop.

Step 1: Open your logo in photoshop.

Drag and drop your logo into the photoshop. If you are opening a jpeg or any other raster format file, you can simply open the file. But if you are opening a vector file (AI,EPSS,PDF) please make sure the settings are correct.

  1. Crop to: is set to Bounding Box
  2. Constrain Proportions is checked
  3. Mode: is set to RGB Color

Click OK.
How to make a logo transparent in photoshop

Step 2: Unlock the layers

In the default layer panel click on the lock sign to unlock it which will allow you to turn it into an editable layer. If you messed up to fix, you can always duplicate your layer into another new layer and hide it later using eye icon.

transparent logo background

3. Remove the Background using the Magic Eraser tool.

Choosing a background for a logo file is a little different from choosing a background for a product image because your logo’s background is almost certainly all white. Choose the Magic Eraser Tool from the Tool bar (12th from the top).

logo transparent background

Click on the white background of your logo and see the magic. One click and background will be transparent.

transparent background for image

4. Save your file in PNG Format

Now save your transparent logo file in PNG format. To do that export the file and select PNG format, don’t miss to tick on the checkbox Transparency. After setting up the size and making the logo ready for the web, click on export and save into your computer.

This is how, you can make a transparent background for a logo in photoshop 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transparent background?

When there are no individual pixels in a background, it is referred to as a transparent background. In a transparent background, only the main image is visible, such as the logo. It’s like water. Water has no colour.

What does a transparent background look like?

The transparent background is a checkerboard pattern of white and grey.

What is the color code for a transparent background?

The color code for transparent background is #0000ffff

What is the PNG file format?

PNG is the short form of Portable Network Graphic. It is a popular type of raster image file. PNG has the ability to work with images that have a transparent or semi-transparent background. PNG is small in size and correct file format for websites.

Why do you need to create transparent background for an image?

The image on the transparent background makes the product more eye-catchy. You can place them in any background. PNG files are small in size, so it is well optimised for your website.

Do all PNG files have the transparent backdrop?

Not all PNG images have a transparent backdrop. It depends on how you save your file from photoshop. Tick on the option called transparency while saving to png format.

How do I make an image background transparent?

It would be best to use image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Adobe express to make an image background transparent. First, open an image to photoshop. Then select the subject using the various selection tools like the magic wand tool. After the selection is made, use the action call to Remove Background. It will remove the background and leave the image on a transparent background.

How do I make a logo with a transparent background?

Open your image in Adobe photoshop. Then, choose the magic eraser tool and click on the background color. It will remove the background and make the logo transparent.  It’s a one-click solution.

How do I make a white background transparent?

First, select the image, open it in Photoshop, duplicate the layer, and hide the primary layer. Then, separate the the object from the background using any selection tools. 

I prefer the Magic Wand tool for selection process. After selecting the object, delete the white background and save the image to png transparent backgrounds.

Can I use pen tool to create the background transparent?

The pen tool works just like an actual pen. You can use it to mark the outline of any complex or compound shape. This process is widely known as a clipping path.

Using Clipping Path you can easily separate the object from its background and create the backdrop transparent. Clipping Path also used for background removal service.

Most powerful selections tools in Photoshop?

Object Selection Tool:

Select “Object Selection Tool.” from the toolbar on the right side of the image. The Object Selection Tool will appear if you hold on to the fourth tool icon.

Quick Selection Tool:

Select the Quick Selection tool to make selection or subtract.

Magic Wand Tool:

Hold the fourth tool and hold it, you can see the magic wand tool will appear. Using this tool you can make a new selection, add to selection, subtract from selection, or intersect with selection, adjust the tolerance.

Lasso Tool:

There are two types of lasso tool – polygonal lasso and magnetic lasso tools. However, due to the characteristics, you can only use the magnetic lasso tool.

Final Words

For Product Photography, a transparent background expands your alternatives to display your product image to make the product look more appealing. An eye catching design is a powerful tool to grow your eCommerce business.

Well, whether it’s a model with wispy hair or just a chair, if you can remove the background of an object and make the background transparent in Photoshop, you are well on your way to being able to do just about anything with photoshop.

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