How to Photograph Clothes on a Hanger?

How to Photograph Clothes on a Hanger

Photographing clothes on hangers can be an incredibly effective way to sell your products online. It’s quite simple to do as this complete guide will show you the details you need to know. This includes studio & camera setup, lighting, framing, editing, etc.

This is a simple idea that can be a worthy investment for any business organization. Especially in the “less cost best image” theory.

If you require any help to learn how to photograph clothes on a hanger? So, you shouldn’t miss any part of this article till the end.

Does it Worth Photographing Clothes on a Hanger?

Photographing Clothes on a Hanger

If you have an e-commerce store, you must know how to reduce costs to benefit from business deals. Hiring a model for a photoshoot of your products is expensive.

So, why don’t you try to photograph clothes on a hanger to reduce your business?

Taking clothes photos hanging on a hanger is often referred to as Hanger Photography. There are several techniques that we use to photograph clothing images. Out of them, Flat lay photography and Hanger Photography are cost-efficient and fast.

But, when you compare the appearance, details, and presentation the hanger photography is excellent.


To be very honest, every e-commerce store owner intends to give his clothing pictures an attractive look. However, providing a stunning look isn’t like drinking a glass of water. 

Indeed, it can be a tough job to do. Photographing clothes on a hanger can be the issue to make your clothing photos more attractive and professional as well. 

Most importantly, you can style your clothes in many ways. But all methods aren’t cost-effective, which you care about most as a clever businessman. 

So, you can try to use a hanger while photographing your clothes to reduce operating costs. A photograph can cross the customers’ hearts, and they can be motivated to purchase your goods.

How to Photograph Clothes on a Hanger to Increase Sales?

How to Photograph Clothes on a Hanger to Increase Sales

Now, you just want to know the process to photograph clothes on a hanger to increase sales, right? 

Remember one thing very carefully that you wish only to learn the magic to increase your sales. 

Here, we are giving some magical tips on the job you are looking for. Let’s shoot.

Prepare your clothing photography equipment.

To begin the journey, you need to manage all the things and necessary equipment to perfectly seal the deal.

Equipments You Will Need

To make everything smooth in your clothing photography. You should pay full attention to collect the necessary equipment, and these are as follows. 

  • A camera remote control,
  • A mini tripod,
  • A heavy-duty tripod,
  • Long white drawing paper,
  • Some paperweights,
  • An external camera flash,

Step By Step Guide to Photograph Clothes on a Hanger

photograph Clothes on a Hanger Infographic

Taking photos of clothes on a hanger can seem daunting, but if you follow these simple steps you’ll be able to capture great images of clothing that shoppers will want to buy.

With just a bit of preparation and some quick shooting tips, you’ll be creating pictures that inspire clicks and conversions in no time.

The great thing about photographing clothing is that it can be easier than you think. If you’re just starting out in photography and want a solid foundation to build your business.

We put together a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how you can photograph clothes on a hanger.

Guide to Photograph Clothes on a Hanger

Step-1. Setting Up The Studio

Selecting the right place for the studio is like winning the half battle. Select a place where You feel comfortable doing your photography work.

When you would like to work in clothing photography, your room’s plain wall is preferable. 

Setting up your own studio is a great option. Especially for those who frequently need photography for their business organizations. 

So, here are some steps that you should follow to get your job done. 

Setting up your studio is easy, as you don’t need a whole lot of things.

Here are some tips for ensuring a great setup while maintaining safety.

  1. Start with selecting the place where you will put the product.
  2. Make sure the place has atleast 3x (of the product size) spece arround.
  3. Utilize the natural light.
  4. Always setup the non-electric equipments first.
  5. Use backdrop.
  6. Use artifitiaal light- you can use one or 3 directionl lighting setup (one can be the naturl light through window).

Step-2. Pepaire Clothing

Pepaire Clothing

Want to avoid creasing the clothes? Well, you need to iron your clothing when necessary.

A little prep work can go a long way when you’re photographing clothing. Give yourself an hour or two to set up, taking care of some of these simple details will make your photos more professional. Also, give you a better chance at getting sales.

Step-3. Hang the Clothing

Tips on hanging clothes for photography

Set up your clothing in a manner that looks good, but that will also make it easy to take photos. Get a hook attached to your plain wall in your home studio and hang your clothes on the hook. 

Step-4. Hang the Items in Nice Order

Now, it is time to arrange all the clothes on the hangers in the nicest order to have better positioning of your clothes.

Clothes fall into a few basic categories: light-colored shirts, dark-colored shirts, pants, and dresses. The easiest way to get your pictures in order is by hanging these items together in a room with enough space between them so that you can photograph each one individually.

The order of photographing these types of clothing depends on what you’re selling; if you’re selling dark pants, then it might make sense to photograph those before lighter ones.

Step-5. Setting up the Camera Properly

It would help if you fixed your camera right on the tripod directly to your cloth items. Don’t pull your camera just up off the tripod or down of it. 

First, let’s set up your camera properly. Camera settings will vary according to the type of camera you are using (smartphone, DSLR, etc.). But each should have some way of adjusting shutter speed.

Smartphones usually call it exposure time; otherwise, it might be called speed or shutter speed. If you aren’t sure what your smartphone is capable of, check its manual. If you need more assistance read iPhone jewelry photography tips.

For DSLR, faster shutter speeds are good for photographing fast-moving objects like children or pets, while slower speeds are better at isolating one object from a background.

In most cases—like photographing clothing—you’ll want slower speed. However, adjust it depending on how much light is available in your space.

Step-6. Leave Empty Space Around the Item

Leave Empty Space Around the Item

To capture the Item in your camera perfectly, you need to leave much empty space for your Item.

You don’t want the cloth to take 100% of the frame. Instead, include a portion of the background too.

Step-7. Use the remote control (Optionl)

You can use a remote control to minimize your camera shake to capture the perfect photo. So, you finally get a perfect home studio for your e-commerce photography. 

Hngar Photo Shooting Tips for Beginners

Following the proper steps in the photo shooting journey can reduce your hassle to acquire better photography. Here are some important tips for photo shooting to get an attractive look in your pictures.

1. Light

You cannot ignore the importance of the light effect on your pictures. If you have much sense of lighting, you can customize your lighting effect, and you can understand which lighting you need in your photographs. 

2. Colour

The Colour is very important for your photography. When you shoot for your eCommerce site, you need to know about its color effect to enjoy stunning photography. Learn more about color in photography here.

3. Lenses

It would help if you choose the right lenses to have gorgeous photography for your eCommerce store. Through aperture, you can determine the depth of your photo shooting with the lenses. 

4. Practice, practice, and lot of Practices

Trust me; you will enjoy better photography if you continuously practice the job. If practice doesn’t make you perfect, it at least makes you better at doing the job. 

Editing Tips and Techniques to Create Eye Catchy Clothing Photos

Once you shoot photos for your eCommerce store, you need to edit them for professional and attractive looks. There are a lot of tips and techniques for editing your images. So, scroll down to learn more.

Ghost Mannequin 

If you want to leave your photos more interactively, then you can use the ghost mannequin technique. 

What does this technique mean? This technique implies the invisible mannequin that directs to the jobs where the designers cut the mannequin from your clothes.

Doing ghost mannequins begins with setting up layers and photoshop that can provide you with the best solution. 

What type of people use this technique, and why? People who need better photography solutions can follow this technique to give an attractive look. 

Clipping Path

Clipping path refers to the removal of the background from the images through using a pen tool. 

Only people who need solid and attractive photography for professional purposes can use these editing techniques.  Only professional graphic designers can work to provide this service more smoothly. 

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching refers to the job that implies removing the images’ background through the tools like an eraser, magic eraser, and other relevant tools. 

To make the pictures out of flaws and all background faults, people take this strategy. 

Color Correction

Color correction refers to the black and white adjustments with perfect contrast. Exposure to provide accurate color in the images. It is used only by those people who like to have the perfect color combination in the image. 


As a wise decision-maker in your business policy, you need to be very careful while photographing your hanger clothes. 

Reducing the costs while shooting your photos for your eCommerce store can be achieved through photographing your clothes on a hanger. 

However, going with perfect tools and procedures can be a little bit difficult. If you maintain some specific tips, you can be the game-changer. 

After that, if facing any problems, get some practical ideas from our article on how to photograph clothes on a hanger to boost your eCommerce sales. 

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