How to Photograph Earrings for Etsy

How to Photograph Earrings for Etsy

Learning how to photograph earrings for Etsy isn’t an easy deal to seal. Good quality photography of earrings can change the days of your business on Etsy. 

You might have outstanding quality earrings, but your photography doesn’t reflect the originality of your products. 

You will lose the game if you don’t input the best photography on Etsy. As a result, it would be very difficult for you to reach your products’ potential consumers. 

Our article will tell you how you should photograph earrings for Etsy to attract more visitors to customers. 

Guide on Photograph Earrings for Etsy

When you are taking images for any eCommerce site, it should be attractive. Besides, when it is for Etsy, it should be clean and of high quality.  So that it stands out from the crowd.

A study from Esty shows 90% of buyers are influenced by the quality product images before making a purchase decision. 

Guide on photograph earrings for Etsy

Hence, earrings are small and have custom designs and textures. That’s why you need to be extra careful.

To make your photography more professional, you need to learn photography first to win the race. 

The rules for getting more attraction are: 

  • Use a solid background.  
  • Zoom in to make sure that the color, texture, and shapes are clear. 
  • If shooting with a model, make sure that the earrings are on the focus. 
  • Edit the image to fix the flows. 

So, let’s shoot the final target.

Etsy Product Photo Uploading Guidelines

The world knows that Etsy is a third-party platform where people come to buy and sell their goods. 

Etsy has given its vendors some guidelines on uploading or using their photos on the site. A vendor should use an image that goes with at least 2000px width. 

What will happen when using 2000px in width? This can easily pave the way for the consumers; thus, they can scrutinize the details by zooming the photos. 

The thumbnails aren’t the big issue. Etsy makes adjustments to the photos automatically. These are the requirements of an effective photo.

  • 20 MB product photo size at most.
  • Image size of product photo minimum 1000px square.
  • Jpg, .gif, and .png format for product file.

Earrings Photography Camera Settings

Setting the camera for jewelry photography is a grueling task and it costs a lot of mental labor. However, intensive research on this topic and perseverance can bring a lot of success. To get this job done, you need to go through some steps.

Let’s begin.

Setting Up the Camera

Tips -1. Switch on the manual mode

In the first step, you need to switch on the manual mode and do everything manually.

Tips -2. Get the camera to RAW:

It gives you the best post-processing, and you will have more detail out of it.

Tips -3. Setting a custom white balance

It is very unwise to move with normal white balance mode as all lighting modes come with various lights. The best thing is to put your camera on a custom white balance.

Tips-4. Setting your aperture to f-11

In this step, switch on the aperture mode of your camera and set it into f-11.

Tips-5. Setting your ISO to 100

You can change it, or you may continue on it. The essential part is shutter speed, which you can update according to your needs. Sometimes, shutter speed comes with 1/1000, and in some cases, it does with 1/125.

Tips -6. Stay between 1/50 to 1/250

In the case of a full-frame camera with a 50 mm lens, you need to stay between 1/50 to 1/250 to avoid the image’s blur.

On the other hand, if you move beyond 1/250, you will find your image with black marks.
Now you can shoot a perfect photo for your earrings so that Etsy can welcome them cordially.

Earrings Photography Equipment

You don’t know what equipment you need for earrings photography, right? Well, it isn’t too much of a burden on your shoulder, just some equipment, that’s it. 

There are just a few types of equipment required for making your studio for photography. Here is a handful of equipment. 

  • A good quality digital camera
  • A seamless background paper
  • Some Clamps
  • A tripod
  • Some reflectors and diffusers
  • A lightbox
  • Stands
  • Some lighting kits

If you are willing to use a smartphone camera, use the latest android or apple mobiles. Here are some of the models that will work excellent — iPhone (7S – 13 Pro), Samsung Galaxy S20- S21, Oneplus 7, or Upper, and Google Pixel 2 or above.

Earrings Photography Lighting Setup

The ideas for setting up the lights for earrings are very obvious. Photography refers to the thing that covers all the beautiful objects captured. 

Here, we will discuss some photography lighting setup ideas for your easier understanding.

You can try any of these lighting setup. Let’s follow.

1. Backlighting for Earrings

It is the way of providing light from behind to leverage the clarity of your glass-like jewelry like your earrings. The backlighting process brings a crystal clear look at the photo, which leaves itself without distortion. 

2. Side Lighting

When you use two-dimensional effects on your image, it could generate an awful and dull external look. However, side lighting pulls the dull looks aside and makes the image gorgeous. 

Besides, showcasing your jewelry like earrings can be through using side lighting. 

3. Natural lighting

Natural lighting, the easiest lighting source for photography, can be more accessible to outdoor and indoor photography.

However, make sure you only use natural lighting, and other lightings mixture is strongly discouraged as this can damage your photography. 

4. Using a lightbox

Using a lightbox in photography is the greatest way to procure soft, diffused lighting, thus getting perfect photography in the marketplaces like Etsy. 

Combining with a Smartphone camera and lightboxes is the cheapest option to photograph earrings.

How to Shoot Earrings? (Step By Step Guide)

How to Shoot Earrings Step By Step

There are many tips on shooting earrings, but you need to choose specific tips for shooting your earrings.

Tips Editing to make them perfect and attractive:

To make your photo shiny and attractive for use, you cannot but follow some tips to seal the deal in one or the other way. Here are some tips for you to reach your goal. 

1. A lightbox is essential for editing your photo perfectly. You have to pick a lightbox, or you can own it. 

2. A good working old lens is also an important element for the editing purpose. 

3. You should carry a tripod and remote or a timer for measuring your shutter speed at your studio.

4. When you find some areas of your images extra dark or gloomy, you can use a mirror or a white card to reflect the light on those areas.

5. Study well about your camera settings. It doesn’t matter whether your camera is expensive or ordinary. Just learn how to take photography well. 

6. Don’t drive your concentration away from your main issue and fix the exact angle.

7. You need to arrange the order of earrings like “face to face.”

How an Edited Earring differs from Non-edited Ones

Example of The Good, Bad and Ugly Earrings Photographs for Etsy

When you shoot a photo, you can lose some portions, which makes your images more attractive. So needs editing? Yes, if you want to find your photograph with perfection, you need editing of your image.

Edited photos are far more different from non-edited ones. Consumers feel the edited images are lively and fresh, while in the case of non-edited photos, consumers consider it a dark and gloomy sense of the product. 

Earring Photo Editing Tips to Attract More Sales

Jewelry, like earring photography, is a complex thing to do. In comparison to other commercial photographs, jewelry photography is too complex to do. 

When professional photographers intend to take photos of jewelry like earrings, they use photo retouching to make it more attractive and professional. 

Clipping Path and Image Masking

Clipping path and image masking both are photo editing techniques. But there is a subtle difference between them. 

A clipping path is a way to remove the background of the images through a tool like a pen. 

While image masking is the same thing used to remove the background from the images, tools are different from that of the clipping path. 

Generally, an eraser Tool, magic Eraser Tool, and other tools are used in image masking to get the job done. 

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is altering the images needed for the final presentation on the site where you want to do it. Besides, photo retouching makes your images shiny and smooth for your final use. 

Color Correction

Color correction is simply a process. You will find its uses in stage lighting, cinematography, photography, etc. 

Most importantly, it works by using color gels to alter the full color of your image. 


Etsy is a popular virtual marketplace with some unique rules and regulations that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Using photography on Etsy is not like using the photo on your social site like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

As Etsy is a professional marketplace, so approaching anything professionally is much appreciated. That’s why you need to learn how to photograph earrings for Etsy if you want to go with Etsy as the vendor of jewelry like earrings. 

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