How to remove background from hair in photoshop 2022

How to remove background from hair in photoshop

Removing background can be tricky, especially when you need to separate it from hair. Are you looking for a tutorial on how to remove background in photoshop without removing hair?

You can remove background from hair using Photoshop. First, create layers and then use a background eraser tool or pen tool to remove background in Photoshop CC. Then you can save the image with a transparent background or set a new one.

Hair removal can be boring and time-consuming, and it may even detract from the original image if handled incorrectly. 

Does it sound confusing to you? All your confusion will be gone when you finish reading how to remove background from hair in photoshop.

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Remove background from hair: Step-by-Step Guide

Removing background from normal images using Photoshop is not a tough task. But it becomes complicated when separating the background from a model or people with open hair. You can use some advanced tools to photoshop remove background hair.

The photoshop tutorial removing background is below:

Step 1: Open image

The first step is to find an image that you want to edit and open it in Photoshop. Go to file setting in the top left corner of the home page and select open. Then select an image with hair from which you want to remove the background.

Remove background from hair in photoshop

Here we are using Photoshop 2022. This photoshop cut out hair process will work fine on older versions too.

Step 2: Set layers

In the second step, we will be adding layers to the image. The main purpose of adding layers is to distinguish the background from the foreground through these layers after completing the editing.

Click on the application window and select Layers to open the layer window. 

You will see a layered window on the right side of the app. There is a three-line small dot icon on the top right corner of the layer window. Click on it and select Duplicate Layer from the drop-down menu.

A duplicate layer window will pop up on the display. Click on OK without changing anything. We are saving this copy as a backup to make further changes after you clean the background, if necessary.

Add duplicate layer

Now you will see the background copy layer on the layer window. You need to add another layer thumbnail now. Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the layer window to add a new layer.

background removal tutorial

Step 3: Create a high contrast layer

Now you need to select a high contrast layer color for perfect Photoshop hair editing. Click on the three-dot on top of the editing toolbar to open the full bar.

We need to use the color selection tool. In some previous versions of Photoshop, the tool may already be in the editing bar, and you won’t need to open it.

Use High Contrast layer to remove background

Now, select the foreground color picker by clicking on the circled part shown in the photo below. Choose a custom color that has a high contrast to the background.

Here, the background is gray, so we are taking blue. Try to keep the color range bright to check the background removal process in real-time.

How to separate foreground

Ensure you have selected layer 1 from the layer window. Now click on Edit and select fill.

background Color separator

After selecting fill, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. Click on OK to continue editing.

Photo editing service

After filling with the foreground color, Layer one will be filled with the high contrast color you have picked. The whole photo will also be filled with that color, as you can see in the screenshot below. Don’t worry; the color layer is on top of the layer palette window, and that is why this is happening.


Double click on Layer 1 and drag it down to the second position. Now the background copy layer is on top, and you can proceed further to cut out hair and remove the rough background.

Background layered style

Step 4: Remove background

Finally, in the fourth step, we will start removing the background behind hair in photoshop. First, you need to select the background color picker and select the background color. Use the picker to place in any part of the background to select it.

We are selecting this color because we will be erasing this color from the photo. After picking the color, click on OK to continue.

color picker background hair removal

Next, select the Background Eraser Tool from the toolbar.

Background Eraser tool

A new options bar will open on the top of the window. There are three icons beside the brush size picker. These icons are Contagious, once, and background swatch. The background in our photo is a solid color; that’s why we are selecting the third option, which is background swatch.

Then set the limit to discontinuous. Do not forget to turn on the protected foreground color from the right side of the bar, as shown in the following screenshot.

Start with a tolerance level of 50 or below. By default, the brush size will be set to 13. You can enlarge it depending on the requirements of editing.

remove background from hairs

Before you start erasing the background, make sure you have selected the background copy layer. It should be on the top of the layer window.

How to make Transparent white background

Now, start brushing around the hair and other parts of the body. Try not to brush inside the main subject area. You may need to adjust the tolerance level while brushing. For instance, if the body edge color is identical to the background color, reduce the tolerance level to 20 or 30.

When the Background removes from around the hair, you can proceed to Cut out the rest of the backdrop. Increase the tolerance level of the brush and erase the background. 

Caution: Do not touch any part of the hair or main subject while the tolerance level is high. It will erase those parts too.

The background will turn into the high contrast color you have selected. Our image background has been yellow because earlier we selected this color. After erasing, your image will look like the following portrait.

ted this color. After erasing, your image will look like the following photo.

Best way to remove background from hair

Now, click on the eye icon beside layers in the layer window. Unselect layer 1 and background. Keep the background copy selected to see the final output. You have successfully removed the background from hair in Photoshop.

Step 5: Export or Replace Background

Congratulations, now you know how to completely remove the background around the hair and model. You can now either save this photo in a PNG photo or copy and place it on a different background like black, white, blue, green, or others.

Select the background copy layer by clicking the left button on the mouse to open a drop-down menu. If the menu you opened is different from the photo below, click on a different place on the layer to get this setting.

How to replace background transparent

From the menu, click on Quick Export as PNG to save the photo in PNG format. You may also click on Export As if you need further customisation.

How to save the photo in PNG format

Now you can place the photo in the white background if you are in an eCommerce business. Or you also can set it to a different background depending on your purpose.

remove background from hair

Removing background from hair is easier when there is a high difference between the dress or main subject color to the background color. You will need to be extra careful during editing if the colors are nearly the same.


How to erase white background in photoshop?

If you ask how to get rid of original white background in photoshop, the answer is simple. Open the Layer window and properties window from going to the Window drop-down menu.

Select the background layer and scroll down in the properties window to find the “Remove Background” option. Click on the button to quickly erase the white background in Photoshop.

How to delete background from image?

Open the layer window and create a duplicate layer from the menu. Select it and now go to the properties window. Find and select the remove background option from properties. It is the quickest way to remove a background in photoshop.

How to remove hair from face in photoshop?

You can remove the hair strands from your face using a paint brush tool in Photoshop. First, create a blank layer on top of the photo in the Layer window.

Now select the paint brush tool and pick a color from the skin, close to the facial hair. Start painting on the part where there is facial hair outline to remove hair from the face in photoshop.

How to quickly mask hair in photoshop?

You may also want to learn how to mask out hair in photoshop. After opening the photo, click on remove background from the properties panel to quickly erase the background.

Now, go to select and click on Select and Mask Dialog Box. Use the Refine Edge Brush and brush around the hairs to quickly mask in Photoshop perfectly.


This is the best way to remove background from hair. You can use this digital method to remove the backgrounds from your photos with or without hair outline. Getting rid of the background is easier when the main subject has straight-line edges. 

In the case of hairs, the process may seem complicated at first, but after doing it once, you will find it easier. We have tried to explain the process in an easy way for you to understand better and to strengthen your skill.

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