In-House vs Outsourced Product Photography- Which One is Superior?

In-House vs Outsourced Product Photography

If you are confused about In-House vs Outsourced Product Photography, Which is Better? Let’s find out.

Nowhen, we have to understand what is in-House and Outsources product photography process is.

In-house product photography is a type of business that allows a company to plan, and produce. And, maybe edits images using different tools and humans employed by companies. 

In-house photography depends on its own. In the house, photography consists of some basic benefits like team management. In which photographers, helpers, managers, and photo editors are included. Studios are also essential in this case. In-house photography and photo editing equipment are also necessary.

But, Outsourced product Photography, is a type of photography in which you outsource photoshop services from persons or companies. In outsourcing photography, we use the resources that are not part of the entity; they are inventory. 

In Outsources photography, you don’t need to set up a studio and other equipment because they are unnecessary. Outsourced photography is hiring a freelance photographer. Also, deal him about your work and what you want and pay him if he fulfills all your requirements.

Now, here we discuss In-House Product Photography vs. Outsourced Product Photography. Also, we will discuss which one is perfect. that both are good. 

Some people are not interested in outsourcing. Rather, they try to build everything in-house and build their control in everything. 

inhouse vs outsourcing product photography

Core Differences In-House vs. Outsourced Product Photography

Because in-house photography doesn’t depend on others. We have to make changes at work. We plan all the things that we like to do with our work.

But, in this modern time, we need to save our time and need high-quality product photos.

Several reasons are given below, that help us decide which one is more beneficial.

In the case of In-house photography services, equipment depends on the quality of images. Besides, the types of products you’re shooting need different equipment.

If you are a photographer getting your clients is taff. On the other hand, employers also struggle to find the best pick.

At least, you’ll need important equipment for your House Photography. Which is the following:


  1. Camera,
  2. Lighting equipment,
  3. Background (white or any solid background),
  4. Props for holding products in place, e.g., stands, frames, etc.
  5. Studio Space. A space designed to take photos that have all the equipment necessary at hand.

In-house photography, hiring a person to shoot, which must be trained. This person can be your training staff.

Now, These things cost too much space.

But, in the case of outsourcing photography services, you also need to hire an experienced photo editor. You don’t need to spend your funds on this equipment. You don’t need to provide a lot of space for your job.

Time Management:

In the case of In-house photography, a business owner spends a lot of time, and funds. And expertise in running the whole process, which is a risk of time in modern society.

Most of your photography is urgent; you should leave it to the professionals. By this, you outsource your product photography. If you have little time and funds and have no energy or resources, then the only way is to outsource photography. 

In this type of photography, a professional team is ready to produce high-quality images within specific time and budgets.


If you are interested in calling the shots for all your products according to your own choice, Then In-House Photography is the best way to go. In-House Photography, you have complete control over the shoot.

But, if you want a unique and creative photoshoot that will make the product more productive than all other online products. Then Outsources of photography is the only way to go. 

For example, you want a creative logo for your company that diversifies your company’s products. Because a creative logo creates a good impact on your company. 

Hence, you want a talented person who provides your unique logo according to your instructions. 

In Outsources photography, you have access to experienced photographers. Who will do your work with their full effort and concern? 

They are doing their best to engage with customers. Professional photography services give you high-quality work. While the house team may take months or years to achieve the high standards of work and high-quality images.



In case of cost, you don’t have to micromanage the best equipment at the lowest price. In-house photography. 
It is too difficult to run a studio because it is expensive.

In- House photography types of equipment like lenses, trips, and cameras are fundamental things to be purchased. Some editing software is also necessary that needs some funds. 

But in outsourcing photography services, you receive a full package. In which a professional photo editor gives you high-quality work at an affordable price.

Prices of photography editing change according to services and the quality of the image. 

For example, simple removal of background can cost you less than 5 dollars per image. But in the case of In-House photography, the same work takes an hour.

Your time is too valuable, expecting that 1 hour of your time is worth more than $ 5.


Some companies do not even consider outsourcing photography as a good option for their needs. They want total control and command over their job. If this is your business’s philosophy, then in-house photography is the way to go, which is a costly investment. 

In-house you have to adapt yourself according to company culture and traditions. But in this modern world, when we have many opportunities to achieve our goals, and save our time, then why don’t we grab these opportunities?

As I discussed before, some rare equipment types are also needed to tackle this whole process. Which is expensive, and sometimes we can’t bear these funds. 

According to this discussion,

I conclude that Outsources photography is more beneficial than In-House photography. 

Because we know that in our source photography, we don’t need to develop and train the photography department. 
In our source services, we don’t face technical difficulties. In outsourcing photography services at no cost for any equipment.

The professional photographer you hire will handle acquiring any equipment and the whole setting for successful photography. 

In short, when you outsource the task, then a professional photographer can tackle the job with ease. Also, provide professional and transparent results. 

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