How to Take Jewelry Photography for Etsy with iPhone

Jewelry Photography for Etsy with iPhone

Taking Jewelry Photography with a DSLR camera can be challenging for various reasons. However, there is an alternative option for those people who have less investment to run a business. 

Having an iPhone can ensure good quality images for the eCommerce store. An iPhone’s ability to capture photos is nothing less than that of a good quality DSLR camera.

Moreover, the availability of the iPhone is quite a common phenomenon. On top of that, you will enjoy the taste of a home-based studio and get the perfectness of your photos. 

However, the difficult factor is when you don’t know how to take pictures of jewelry with the iPhone.

Hence, we will give you some effective tips on our article to make you perfect on this journey.

Guide on Taking Pictures of Jewelry with iPhone that Sales

Photograph Jewelry for Etsy with iPhone

If you are on the same mission, want to take a professional photo with your iPhone. Here are some effective guides that can make your photography journey with the iPhone successful. They are just some guidelines, nothing more. 

Now, you can follow along with any smartphone you have. But, here is the list of models I would prefer.

The list of phones is iPhone SE, XR, the iPhone 11, 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, and the 12 Pro Max.  Hence you can use older models like 8, 8 pros. 

Besides, it’s true that most sellers on Facebook, Etsy, tend to take product photos with their smartphones. However, there is a margin between them, some photos influence sales, some decline.

Required Equipment to Take Pictures with an iPhone

Required Equipments to Take Pictures of Jewelry with an iPhone

When the iPhone has come into the universe, it has changed the universe’s face with its amazing features and abilities. 

Out of many features, capturing photos with better quality is beneficial for those who think spending money on purchasing a DSLR camera is just bullshit. 

However, you cannot finish the game with a single piece of iPhone. You need some other necessary instruments to end your shooting mission. 

1. Lightbox

Choosing a lightbox for jewelry photography isn’t the new thing to try. To capture the shine of the jewelry, a lightbox is a must material. 

2. Lighting system

Some small tabletop lighting systems are needed to move around the lightbox to produce a high-quality light to capture the jewelry’s originality. 

3. Stand/tripod to hold iPhone

A stand or a tabletop smartphone tripod is a necessary tool to hold your iPhone to capture your jewelry photos. 

4. Cosmetic mirror

Why should you use a cosmetic mirror? People use it to reflect the jewelry lights and uphold the true beauty of diamonds and stone. 

5. Jewelry props

Jewelry is not the thing to keep it lying down flat; rather, you need to display it and let the people know how it looks when worn.

To get all the things done, you need to have jewelry props to display your jewelry perfectly. 

Step By Steps Guide to Jewelry Photography with iPhone

Jewelry Photography with iPhone

Smartphones like the iPhone have made your whole life easier and more practical. Technology has made a platform for you to reach professionals using its gift like the iPhone. 

So, photographing jewelry with the iPhone is very handy and easy for the users who take it as a profession. Besides, it can reduce the chances of extra cost for the purchase of a good quality camera. 

Having an iPhone means you have one device and a solution to several problems. Today, we will tell you how you can use this smartphone to take photos of jewelry. 

Step-1. Use your iPhone

The iPhone is the best phone on earth. Most importantly, this smartphone has come with the greatest facilities for taking pictures with great quality. 

You needn’t go expensive to have this option; rather, you should have a positive purpose. You should have the latest version of the iPhone to seal the perfect deal.

Step-2.Place your Jewelry on the Table

A table is a necessary tool to have a picture. To get the right angles of the pictures, try to place your jewelry on your table smoothly. 

Placing your jewelry on the table also has some benefits. One is to avoid crooked photos that bring a lot of disadvantages to your photography experience. 

Step-3. Don’t forget to use Image Stabilization Equipment

Many smartphones nowadays are compatible with internal image stabilization equipment. Yet, you need to have a tripod as your image stabilization equipment.

What are the actual functions of this tripod? Using a tripod can be a beneficial factor in driving the camera shake away while taking pictures.

Camera shaking causes blur, obscurity in the images, which could be the worst, especially in jewelry photography cases.

So, what type of tripod do you need to solve the problem? Try to consider the factors of its durability, length, quality of the materials, etc. while buying this tripod.

Besides, the market has introduced some tripods that come with many great features that work to reduce all the camera shaking; thus, you can avoid the poor quality of the images. 

The aluminum tripod for the iPhone is the best option. As it features a detachable Bluetooth camera shutter, which can prevent all the possible external factors from delivering poor-quality images.

Step-4. Consider your Light Sources

For jewelry photography, soft lighting works great. What is the specialty of soft lighting? The main positive side of this type of lighting is to spread the light evenly around the object. nd thus, it allows the phone to relieve all negative issues. 

When you find yourself unavailable to source soft lighting, no big issues there; you need to pave the access of natural lighting to enter your home and use it. 

In these cases, you can set your necessary equipment very close to the windows of your house. Besides, you can make a temporary lightbox or rent it temporarily. 

Step-5. Pay attention to your device’s zoom capability and focus.

Without much attention to your devices’ zoom capability and focus can destroy your photo journey. 

A low focus can drive you unconscious about your brand value and your product quality. Exposing your brand value and its proper quality can affect your business. 

Hence, try always to avoid low-quality images to give your business an extra plus. 

Using an iPhone can make your focus steady to the point where you want to focus. A low-quality image can drive your regular customers to your competitors. 

You should keep in mind that it takes a photo from around 1-2 meters away from the objects. Don’t forget to use an iPhone, which has good quality aperture settings. 

Outstanding quality of images can cross customers’ hearts. And it cannot even justify the price and brand name before purchasing your jewelry. 

You need to take a close-up shot of your jewelry as it is quite small. To get your photos approved in all renowned marketplaces. Make sure you have the proper lenses to capture the photos from closer distances to have all details. 

Step-6. Practice, Practice, and practice.

The world knows that practice makes a man perfect. If practice doesn’t make us perfect, it at least makes us confident. 

We would suggest you take photos of jewelry every day to improve your photo experience day by day.

When you start the photography journey, some photos get damaged. But you shouldn’t worry about this silly issue. 

A proverb goes that people learn through mistakes. Photography is such a thing you learn through mistakes. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Photographing Jewelry

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Photographing Jewelry

When you go to take pictures with your iPhone, several mistakes can happen unintentionally. Here is the list of some common mistakes that you should avoid and be careful about these.

You’re not well prepared

You need to clean your jewelry so that no dust is seen on your jewelry before shooting with your smartphone. However, it seems a time-consuming matter to you, but it will save you time at the end of the game. 

You ask why? When you get a picture of jewelry, there is dust on it, and you need to edit this photo for a long time. Thus it costs more time. 

Poor lighting

Poor quality lighting is always responsible for poor-quality images. Inconsistency of your lighting can result in the different colors in the pictures.

So, make sure your lighting quality is consistent. 


Poor quality lighting always gives poor quality reflections. If the reflections aren’t okay, the images will look obscure, and your customers will be unable to see the jewelry’s details. 

Moreover, it damages the professional look of the pictures. 

Incorrect coloring

Color accuracy is necessary for generating more customers. When you take a picture of a silver plate, your images look like a gold plates. What the whole situation will be, can you imagine?

Your customers will boycott you and your products. If you want to experience less boycott and fewer returns from your customers, try to make accurate images as the product is. 

Inconsistent image size

So everything needs to be aligned and perfectly shaped to get perfection in pictures. The inconsistent image size can damage the expected quality of the images. 

Therefore, keeping consistency in the pictures can make your customers browse your sites easily and choose your products. 

Inconsistent backgrounds

Inconsistent background can damage your image quality, and your customers find it difficult to scan your web store. 

Jewelry Photography Tips

Jewelry Photography Tips

Here are some tips below to make a perfect shot. 

1. Keep it consistent

You shouldn’t change the photographers recurrently. Make consistent photography, and it will increase your brand value. 

This can be also acceptable for the editing process.

Here’s is what you should do:-

  • Pick a style and stick with it.
  • Use same filters
  • Limit your color palette, background color, etc.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity is always the ultimate sophistication. Keep everything simple in your pictures, and it will draw customers’ attractions more. 

You needn’t have detailed photos as these are perfect for campaigning, while for an eCommerce store, just simple and easy pictures work best to spread the message of your pictures to the customers. 

3. Capture the details and enable zoom

Scrutinizing the images properly can be the habit of all customers. When you take pictures with high resolutions. And capture the details, you would be able to zoom the pictures closely. 

Zooming facilities can drive your customers to learn the ins and outs of your pictures in your online store so that they keep nothing left unexamined on your products. 

4. Work with models

Not necessary, but it is valuable to take models for your jewelry photo shooting. However, hiring a simple model can be expensive but trust me, it will deliver more outputs. 

Nowadays, many jewelry business organizations are applying this tricky policy for getting their jobs done. 

5. Photo Editing

Photography post-production is essential. Remember you have got 2-5sec to attract your client. No matter what you offer people will demand visuals. 

Here’s what to do… 

  1. Crop and Resizing: The website you use to showcase has got a frame for images, right? Your images need to be optimized for that size. You don’t wanna showcase a partially cropped, too-small product in the image. 
  2. Retouch up: It’s also essential to remove dust, spots, or color imbalance from your image.
  3. Background removing: About  67% of people tend to see images on a white background or solid color background. 

However, there are plenty of things you can do, surely it will pay off. 

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Perfect photography for jewelry is a challenge. The challenge gets even more difficult when you choose smartphones for taking photos for your jewelry. 

However, nothing is impossible on this earth. A long practice with your iPhone can make your challenge easier and better. 

You can have more tips from our article on taking eCommerce pictures of jewelry using an iPhone to strengthen your shooting experience with your smartphones like the iPhone.

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