Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching is the process of manipulating an image for the best outlook. It includes removing dents or camera reflection, fixing red-eye effects, preparing product photos, etc. In other words, photo retouching removes all the flaws and imperfections from your photos and gives them a better look.

Out of numerous retouching service companies, Clipping Path Universe is one of the best. That’s because we have a professional team available 24 hours a day, and our services are pretty affordable too. Moreover, we always maintain the best quality in our services. Continue reading to know more about our services.

Photo Retouching Services

Photos are a great way to express yourself or your thoughts and deliver messages. We capture a lot of pictures every day. And every single photo has a different story.

However, not all the photos come perfectly. Some get dust or scratches, while some look dull. Not to mention, there can be numerous problems with an image, no matter how professional the photographer is. Nonetheless, you can make your photo perfect with our professional photo retouching services.

Best Photo Retouching Services for Photographers

People use photos for different purposes. However, photo retouching is essential for business usage. That’s because you’re expecting leverage from the picture. Therefore, the image needs to be perfect.

And retouching your photographs will enable them to be more attractive and fulfill your needs. Moreover, you can retouch your pictures for personal use too.

Clipping Path Universe offers excellent quality photo retouching services for professional photographers. Here, we have a team of retouchers who are skilled and experienced in this sector.

And we believe a collaboration of skilled photographers and retouchers can produce outstanding results. A professional photographer always focuses on capturing good-quality pictures. They rarely sit for editing and retouching.

That’s because if they do both of the works, they’ll have fatigue as well as less concentration on both jobs. That’s why almost every photographer hires people for retouching their photos. Nonetheless, professionals capture excellent images. And a little touch of retouchers can bring perfection.

If you’re a professional photographer, you can use our services. We offer a wide range of retouching services at an affordable rate. And whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you. We also offer emergency delivery in case you need them.

Sample of Our Image Retouching Service Online

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Product Photo Retouching Service
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What is a Retouching Service We Offer?

We, Clipping Path Universe, offer a wide range of photo retouching services. Also, we’re committed to fulfilling all of your requirements. Our professional team is available 24 hours a day to retouch your images.

However, the following are the retouching services we offer to our clients:

  • Product Photo Retouching Service

If you have an online store, you know how important it is to have attractive photos of your products. When someone purchases from your site, they only see the product photo.

And if it’s not fascinating, the chance of selling gets low. Therefore, you need to retouch it before you upload the product online. However, we provide a photo retouching service for every product, including clothing, jewelry, food, etc. We’ll transform your photos into mesmerizing ones. And you can expect to get higher sales than before.

  • High-end Photo Retouching Service

Some people think retouching completely changes the photo. Thus the picture losses its originality. However, that’s not true at all. With our high-end photo retouching service, you’ll have an enriched photo while maintaining the original quality. We know how important it is to carry the original quality in a photo to deliver your message perfectly.

That’s why we offer a high-end photo retouching service. It will enable you to hold the perfect quality of your image with an enhanced viewing experience.

  • Glamour Retouching

Glamour retouching enhances the beauty of the model in a photo. Magazines and modeling agencies mainly require this service. Nonetheless, the images need to be perfect—specifically the face of the model.
Therefore, our glamour retouching service will do that for you. It includes removing skin imperfections, enhancing colors, adjusting makeup, outfit retouching, dodging & burning, reshaping the body, etc. However, our professional retouchers will get the best out of your photos.

  • Red Eyes Effect Fixing

The red-eye effect is having a red spot in a person’s eye in photos. And this is a common problem. The problem primarily occurs due to the reflection of lights in the eye. Nonetheless, it is mainly seen in photos taken in the night due to using flash.

Although it is avoidable with some precautions, sometimes it just appears in your images. However, there’s a solution too. Our photo touch-up services also include fixing red eyespots. Immature editors can make them look artificial, but our retouchers can provide you a natural look.

  • Dust, Spot, and Scratch Removal

Dust, spot, and scratch are every day if you’re capturing photos of an object. Sometimes fingerprints also appear. Not to mention, they reduce the quality of your photos.

And no matter where you’re going to use the image, it’s likely to return you with the most negligible output. Therefore, here in Clipping Path Universe, we’re offering you dust, spot, and scratch removal service. It will make your photos look fresh. Hence, you’ll be able to get your desired results from them.

  • Body and Face Shaping

Body and face shaping is an essential factor for uploading photos on magazines, journals, websites, etc. Even if it’s a portrait, both the body and face require reshaping. It will enable the image to grab attention quickly.
However, this is not an easy task. And inexperienced hands can ruin the photo. But our team of professional retouchers changes the face and body shape to make the model look more attractive.

  • Wrinkles on Clothing

After capturing photos, when we see them, sometimes we notice slight wrinkles on clothing. These wrinkles are often unnoticeable at first look.

Hence, you see them when there’s no way to retake the photo. However, it’s unwise to publish them without fixing them. With our retouching service, you can easily remove the wrinkles on clothes. And it will make the cloth look perfectly ironed and new. We’ll also enhance the quality to make the clothes look more beautiful if you want.

  • Beauty Airbrushing

Beauty airbrushing means retouching skin to make it look more attractive. People’s skin often includes unnecessary spots, including pimples, acne, dark spots, aging scars.

Specifically, they’re more noticeable in portrait photos. However, removing them will make the skin glow. We use photoshop tools to airbrush the skin tone and remove any blemishes and imperfections. After that, the photo will look more beautiful and ready to upload anywhere you want.

  • Camera Reflection Retouch

Removing camera reflection can be troublesome for people. And even professional photographers can not avoid them in their photos. Therefore, the image requires retouching before use.

And for a better look, you need to hire a good photo retouching company. Nonetheless, we also offer a camera reflection removal service. The problem mainly occurs due to an imbalance of lighting.

However, regardless of the reasons, it is possible to remove the reflection. Our team of professional retouchers can do that within a short time.

  • Exposure Correction

Exposure makes your photo look brighter or darker. However, the light of the place where you’re taking the picture may not always be in your hand, especially if the image is taken outdoors.

Therefore, you’re likely to end up with the wrong exposure. And almost every shot has this problem. It’s not tough to change the exposure after capturing the photo. However, it requires experiences to balance exposure with other factors perfectly. Contact us to know more about our services

Grow Your Business With a High-end Photo Retouching Company

In recent years, online businesses have seen tremendous growth. And it’s thriving faster than ever before. However, in the USA, the E-commerce industry is worth more than $700 billion. And the rising numbers result in a higher competition. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to survive the competition.

However, online businesses reach their customers through their websites. And the site includes information about the company and its products and services. Business owners do write all the information on their sites. Nonetheless, visuals are more influential than writings to attract potential clients.

Whenever someone enters a site, they see the pictures. That’s because they’re large and grab attention fast. However, if the images are not attractive, then the customer may leave the site immediately. Therefore, you should focus on the quality of the pictures. Moreover, you’ll have to upload a lot of photos of your products. If they’re eye-catchy and beautiful, then customers will likely buy them. Otherwise, the opposite can happen. Hence, uploading good photos is also essential for having a better sales rate and growing your business.

Nonetheless, you need a high-end photo retouching service company to enhance the quality of your pictures. Sticking to one company will save both your time and money. That’s because if you go here and there, you’ll waste your time on finding a new company. Besides, you’ll have to explain every time what you want for pictures. Additionally, it will cost you more if you partner with a single company; you’ll get discounts.

We offer high-end photo retouching services for every business—no matter what type of company you own. We only believe in delivering high value. Our experienced professional team is always ready to serve you. 

Therefore, you can contact us to have a partnership deal. Not to mention, we have massive discount offers based on your order quantity.  We’re also keen to build long-term relationships. However, some offline stores require regular photos too. And we’re also interested in making partnerships with such companies. All you have to do is to send us a message, and we’ll reach you ASAP. A partnership with an image retouching service company can help your business to grow better.

When to Use Photo Retouching Service?

Photo or Image retouching services are essential for all kinds of photos. It enhances the beauty of your photos. Besides, it also makes your pictures more valuable. 

However, it may not always be necessary to use retouching services. The following are some of the situations when you should use image retouching services:

  • You Spot Flaws in Your Photos

Pictures always don’t come flawlessly out of a camera. Most of the time, there are imperfections such as wrong exposure, dull colors, unwanted reflections, etc. 

Moreover, in portrait photos, you might notice blemishes on the skin. Therefore, you would want to fix all the problems with the image. 

However, the only solution is photo retouching. So, in this situation, you should go for retouching services.

  • Use Photo for Business

If you’re using photos for business purposes, then you need to be more careful. That’s because now there’s high competition in the business world. 

Therefore, you can’t compromise with anything you present to your clients. Hence, the photo you’ll use must be of good quality. For this purpose, a photo retouching service is an ideal option.

  • Publish in a Magazine

You may have seen photos of models in magazines and wondered how perfect their faces and clothes are. Then know one thing, it’s a result of photo retouching. 

With image retouching, you can manipulate the skin, body shape, and dresses to make them look perfect. Therefore, if you’re considering publishing photos in a magazine, first go through an image retouching service company.

  • For Advertisement Purpose

Did any dull advertisement photos attract your attention? We guess the answer is no. To grab the attention of potential customers, an advertisement picture must be eye-catchy and attractive. For advertising, people use photos on billboards, leaflets, social media sites, and more places. 

However, regardless of the location, it must be able to attract clients. And for that, a photo retouching service can help you.

  • Products for Selling 

When people shop online, they only see pictures of products. If the photos are satisfactory, they purchase the product. However, an imperfect photo may discourage the customer from buying that product. Therefore, you must use image retouching services before uploading the picture of the product. It will increase the chance of selling.

  • For Professional-looking Photographs

Even if you’re looking to make your photo look professional, you can use retouching services. Nowadays, many people are going to image retouching service companies to make their photos look better for personal use. Therefore, if you’re an individual, wants beautiful pictures of yourself, you can consider this.

  • Change the Outlook of Your Photos

Photo retouching can completely change the outlook of an image. Therefore, if you’re looking for such a photo transformation, you can go for retouching services. 

However, the reason can be anything, including making it more beautiful or changing the image’s message.

Why Choose Us as Your Daily Photo Retouching Partner?

Right now, there’s a lot of image retouching services available online. However, not every company is worth it. 

Retouching a photo requires proper knowledge and creativity, which most retouchers lack today. Therefore, we recommend you use Clipping Path Universe for the best photo retouching services. You should hire us because we:

Maintain Premium Quality

We always maintain premium quality in our work. If a photo’s quality reduces due to retouching, then there’s no point in doing it. And to be honest, proper retouching boosts the quality of a photograph. However, most image touch-up services fail to maintain that quality. But we never compromise with it. 

Our services will enable your pictures to fulfill all of the requirements. Whether for business purposes or personal use, we always provide premium quality services.

Have an Experienced and Professional Retouching Team

The more you work on something, the better output you can provide. That applies in photo retouching too. Therefore, we made a team of editors who have years of experience in the retouching industry. Also, our team is capable of doing professional digital retouching. 

Our experiences enable us to determine the changes a photo requires ideally. Then work on it to get the best output for you. Nonetheless, our experienced eyes know which style people prefer most. Hence, we retouch your image according to that taste.

Are Available 24/7

We offer retouching services online internationally. Therefore, we are available 24/7 for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re or what time it is. Give us a message, and we’ll be there for you. 

We have a team of professional workers who works in shifts. So, you can catch up with us any time of the day. And we’re offering such availability because we value your time. 

Offer Wide Range of Retouching Services

Different photos require different retouching. Even sometimes, a single image needs a lot of manipulation. Therefore, you would want to hire a company that offers every kind of retouching service. And we’re that company. We offer a wide range of retouching services, including scratch removal, beauty airbrush, portrait retouch, fixing the red-eye effect, product photo retouch, and so on. 

We have almost every service a retouching company should have. However, you can message us for more information.

Affordable Pricing 

Many people don’t use photo retouching online services because they think it’s expensive. But the reality is the opposite. The cost of our services is pretty affordable. You can order our service for only $0.99. That’s too with a free quote. 

This offer is only for trying our services. After that, if you’re satisfied with our work, you can go for bulk order. In that case, the cost per photo will be lower.

Offer Free Trial

However, if you’re not sure about us, you also can use our free trial option. Click on the free trial option and fill the form with the necessary information. 

Once we receive your request, we’ll work on it and reach you. After that, if our services satisfy you, we’ll continue further. However, this feature is available only for a limited time. Therefore, if you want to try our services, go for it immediately.


Commonly Asked Questions About Our Photo Retouching Services.

Image retouching is a method of manipulating photos for professional usage. People use pictures for different purposes such as advertising, delivering messages, selling, and so on. However, for such usage, raw images aren’t perfect.

Therefore, image retouching allows them to be usable. Besides professional usage, many prefer to retouch their photos for personal use. 

Though some mix retouching with editing, they’re not the same. Editing makes fundamental changes in photos, while retouching alters the image.

Yes, we do fix overexposed photos. Exposure makes your photos look either brighter or darker.

However, it’s quite a common problem. And often, professional photographers also fail to maintain perfect exposure. Therefore, almost every picture requires exposure correction to look more beautiful. 

Luckily, we offer an exposure correction service. If it’s overexposed, give us a knock. We’ll make it right. Our experienced eye will balance the bright and dark spots perfectly. In other words, they’ll fix overexposing problems.

There are multiple factors we consider to charge for photo retouching. To be more specific, it depends on the complexity of the touch-up service your photo needs. 

Some photos require just a simple touch, while some need multiple corrections. We also consider the possible time an image will take for retouching. 

Although we guarantee you the delivery with minimal time, some photos can take more time for a perfect finish. 

Hence, after evaluating every factor, we offer a final price. You can check our packages for retouching services to get a better idea.

Not. Retouching service is indeed very inexpensive. And our services start at only $0.99. If you have any confusion about our service quality, you can try us for only $0.99 and then decide.

You’ll also get a free quote with our services. Though we offer cheap retouching services, we don’t compromise with quality. It’s our topmost priority. Protection Status