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A drop shadow effect is a visual effect that makes photos realistic. It is a creative visual effect, drawn manually using photo editing tools. An expert hand is required to make realistic shadows by understanding the direction of light sources.

It is used in computer-generated graphics designs, products, and model photographs. Which is usually depicted as visual elements that form shadows similar to the shape of a thing.

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Drop Shadow Service

On the clipping path universe, you’ll get the highest quality of photo processing and retouching. This too at an affordable cost. We use one of the most powerful photo editing tools, Photoshop, to create your shadow effects. So, we assure you that your images will stand out anywhere.

Hence, give the impression of a faux 3D effect. It is also used in making the subject distinct or raised from the background behind it. There are many natural shadow services or software available on the internet. They can provide you a unique look. It can also help your image stand out amongst millions of others.

Whether you go to an eCommerce site or your blog, you will see your image stand out. And you’re going to enjoy watching your sales go up.

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What is a Drop Shadow Effect?

Drop shadow is a visual effect that aids your product by adding a shadow like the subject on the front. It achieves this effect by using Photoshop layer styles dialogue box. It then adds the desired effect from the options. But it can get tricky to create a realistic yet attractive to the viewer’s attention. You can’t make it without the proper knowledge or understanding of how light forms around a subject. It is also essential to know how the shadow will be cast upon the background. Then you’ll be more able to make realistic shadows according to the subject.

Types of Shadow Effect For Different Kind of Photographs

Lively products are a must for a higher sell number as well as impressed clients. Consumers these days are smart and savvy. They want higher-quality experiences that will bring better products.

The market is getting competitive. If you don’t bring out your best in the field, you might not be able to withstand others at all. Shadows create depth and clarity to your image. This clarity catches the customers’ attention and makes them appealing. Shadows can even make your DIY shoots look like professional shots done on expensive cameras. There are many techniques of applying shadow effects that we provide services too. We are mentioning some of them below:

Drop shadow

It is used below the product. It is the product of the harsh lighting of the environment. Shadows have a defining edge and create a standout effect that many people like. Sometimes, this effect can give a faint glow to the products. This is an often-used technique by eCommerce retailers. They use it for displaying photos of online products. Hence, you should try our drop shadow service.

Natural Shadow

Natural shadow is the product of natural lighting from the environment. Usually, this type of effect is achieved by casting soft shadows on the sideways of a product. The photo manipulator can create imaginative light. And then he can put shadow according to this test. This gives the product an original vibe. Natural shadow provides the object with a sitting position on the surface.

Floating Shadow

Floating shadows are a type of drop shadow that conceals itself behind the product. It creates a shadowy hallow effect around the product. It gives the product a catchy eye vibe if done correctly.

Cast shadow

A cast shadow is a product of a secondary shadow that may be created from a reflected light source around the image. Sometimes background needs to be changed to make the image livelier and pop out. In this case, the shadows already resting on a photo might need to be exported onto a different background. To create the effect of realism, the shadows may sometimes need to be drawn out by hands.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection shadows are a specific shadow effect seen on objects standing on a backdrop that reflects light, like a mirror. This type of effect is used on eCommerce sites with a white background. This effect is hard to achieve because if done poorly, this looks fake and edited. 

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Why Drop Shadow Effect Essential for Product Photos?

eCommerce sites are some of the busiest websites on the internet. Its numbers can range from a few hundred to thousands of customers. They go through millions of products every single hour.

It’s hard to understand how a customer can get the best available service at his price limit. One of the best ways to get a customer’s attention is to use various visual aids and the services you’re offering. 

As the days of the internet have evolved, photos and videos on web pages are typical. There’s a saying: a single photograph can convey what hundreds of words cannot.

You should know how to use the correct visual aids and the correct ways to introduce them to a specific target audience. That way, you can elevate your product to a higher margin. 

You might ask- everybody uses photos with their products these days. How can you stand out among so many same-looking products stacked on a web page? Then what you have to do is dive a little deeper. It would be best if you started understanding the client’s psychology you’re targeting. 

It’s tough to convince someone to buy something from you if your product doesn’t look realistic enough. People often tend to lean towards the product that looks high-quality and natural-looking. One of the ways you could achieve realism in your product photograph is by using drop shadow. As we live in a 3-dimensional world, everything we look at casts a shadow in the background. 

So, to achieve a natural look on your product, you have to use this service for the most prominent effect. This also achieves another significant impact. This impact is of utmost importance to the seller. It makes the image pop from the website’s background. It makes the product look eye-catchy among other similar-looking products. You need to know how to use it correctly.

A lousy drop shadow could ruin the original look of the product and generate low sales. It’s a double-edged sword; use it well, and it will effortlessly create more sales. Create a product that doesn’t look real and watch your cells get plummeted.

Make Visually Attractive eCommerce Photo with drop shadow effect

eCommerce sites are bustling with customers these days, and the market has gone competitive. There comes a matter of building trust and market value, especially for eCommerce products. Unlike physical stores, consumers can’t touch the product you’re selling or the services that you’re offering.

So, you need to establish a sense of authenticity and trust if you’re planning to sell anything on a site. People tend to focus on products that look more realistic looking. Overly edited product photos fail to attract the customer’s attention.

If you want to grab your target audience’s attention, you have to deliver them with proper visual aids so that they can put their trust in your products. Shadows create this sense of believability and natural look on your product for online platforms. This sense is one of the critical points for increasing your sales drastically.

The eCommerce business is getting more and more demanding every day. So, to thrive as a proficient eCommerce business retailer, you must ensure the authenticity of the product you’re offering to your client.

What a drop shadow could achieve is the feeling of reality among hundreds or even thousands of similar-looking products. Each of them is selling for almost the exact cost or to the target audience.

In this three-dimensional world, every object casts a shadow in the background. The products that will achieve this effect will generate the most interaction on the product page. Without a shadow cast on an image, the image looks floaty and unrealistic. The product that the seller is trying to sell may have some problems.

People rarely buy a product that looks unrealistic. A photographer gives a lot of importance to the lighting when taking the image of a product. But the aspect of a shadow is often overlooked. This is unfortunate because shadows are as important as the light itself. They can’t thrive without one another.

The shadow creation tool by Photoshop is a very effective technique to stand out among the other tools for creating shadow effects. And we at Clipping Path Universe are committed to giving you the best-looking result at a fraction of the cost of the other competitors. Any shadow you want, we are here to provide you with meticulously crafted images that will surely fulfill your needs. We help your photo to stand out how you want. The decision is yours, and we’ll deliver.

Drop Shadow Effect Creation Service

When to Apply Drop Shadow?

Creating a shadow effect suitable for an eCommerce site is skillful work. It needs thorough knowledge about light and darkness. And it’s hard to make a believable-looking product with a shadow effect if you don’t know how to do it properly. Even if you know the process, it’s not always practical for every image to have a drop shadow. Because it won’t look natural for all sorts of products. We ensure perfect drop shadow services. Here’s we’re going to talk about when and when not to apply shadows to your product:

  • Drop shadow works best on single products
If you have many products, photographing them one by one and then putting a shadow on them will work wonderfully for your product.
  • Adding depth and texture to your flat image
It can easily liven up your image and add the necessary depth to the flat-looking photo. It can also make the image stand out.
  • Distinguishing product from the background
Sometimes, you may need to distinguish the subject from the background for standing out, like a white dress on a white background. In such cases, drops shadows could be one of your best friends.
  • Adding character and context to the product photo
Add character to your existing great-looking image and stand out among millions of other products.
  • Creating a uniform look
Suppose you’re planning to achieve a consistent, uniform look on your catalog of products. This will ensure that products will earn the trust and attract the customer- the drop shadow effect could be your best bet.
  • Realistic looking product
Make your product look believable and natural-looking just by adding a realistic drop shadow to it.
  • Retaining existing shadows
The best shadow is the one you didn’t have to create. Sometimes your image may already have some beautiful shadows. Transferring it to a plain background while retaining the shadow might do the job well.

How do We Create the Best Quality Drop Shadow Effect on Images?

In Clipping Path Universe, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We’re dedicated individuals delivering you crisp, clean, professional-looking images. We’re sure that products will meet your needs and help you grow your business. Every shadow effect is a different story and every brand with different needs and expectations. Here we approach each project or service individually to understand your needs and goals as best as possible. 

Here’s how we create the best quality shadow effect on images:

Creating the edge:

For drop shadow, we’re creating a grey or black shape that closely matches the product’s shape, and then we soften the edges and control the opacity.

Maintaining the proportion:

It’s indispensable to maintain the accurate proportions between the subject and the shadow it casts. We make sure that your image doesn’t contain any discrepancies.

Figuring out the direction:

The direction of light and shadow should be consistent to give all the products from the same category a professional look. We make sure that each shadow is maintained at the highest quality and in the proper direction.

Making the shadow natural:

Over exaggerating shadows can make your image look very edited and unreal. We provide you with the highest amount of realism for each of the drop shadows for your product.

Conserving your image:

If done poorly, shadow effects can alter the presentation and believability of your product itself. So, it is of utmost importance that we maintain the highest quality of output for every project.

Order Drop Shadow Sevices Now

Following this path, we ensure that your product image looks as professional as possible. Those images will make your brand, as well as your products, shine. We have experience editing 8.5 million photos, so we can offer you any job you need. Our services range from simple shadows to a complex and large number of orders. You’re guaranteed to receive the best of the best attention from each of our clients.

As we’ve learned so far, the shadow effect can be the single most effective way to stand your product out and give them a realistic vibe. Many techniques regarding the shadow effect on an image can drastically differentiate how an image looks on the website.

We at Clipping Path Universe ensure that your products get a natural look while maintaining the photo’s mood and style intact. Give your eCommerce product a shine and bring them to life with the drop shadow effect.


Frequently asked question about the drop shadow effect.

Drop shadow adds a grey or black shadow effect behind your product to make it stand out.

It is a drawing element that looks like the shadow of an object. That simulate 3D depth. 

Drop shadow is put behind the product to make it stand out more.

Drop shadow is a 2D effect that gives the product a 3D vibe. In ecommerce photos we use it to make it attractive and naturals. 


Yes! as long the images look natural. Depending on the lighting, a product can have many shadows. However, some product (i.e. ball, ear rings, bracelet, etc. ) looks realistic when single shadow is implemented. On the other hand products like chair, table require multiple shadows.

The price depends on the complexity of the editing process and number of images. Hence, Our price  is budget friendly — starts from USD 0.10 for the drop shadow service. Protection Status