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Get the best eCommerce product photo editing service. We are providing top-notch editing that surely meets your demand. Moreover, guarantee eye-catchy product display by perfect re-sizing, cropping, editing, and retouching.

If you desire to satisfy your client and buyers, take a free trial of up to 3 images and be the judge. Our photo editors & retouchers are experienced, confident and up to date on the latest trends. 

Product Image Editing Service

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To stand out form the others, you product photos need special care. Our highly experienced photo editors are proficient to perform the best outcome.

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We don't charge on how heavy your photos are, instead charge on the time it requires to edit. Hence, a bulk discount is also available, contact us now.

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You will only pay when you are satisfied. We offer unlimited revision until you are satisfied. If we fail to meet your demand there's a moneyback guarantee.

Outsource eCommerce Product Photo Editing Services

In this era of technology, we conduct most businesses through the internet, the webshops. So, if you want your webshop to boom, what will you need to do? You will need to make your products look attractive to the customers. And that is where product photo editing comes in.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. And your product photos speak for your online business. These product images are one of the most essential parts of your webshop. The development of your e-commerce business depends on your product photos. And it is the job of eCommerce photo editing to give your products the best look possible. 

E-commerce sites all over the world use product images to represent themselves. So, it is the online business owners who opt for product image editing services. It is because their product photos are the first thing that their clients get in touch with. And it is not enough to get eCommerce photography services to give your products their best look. Product photo editing service is what gives your products the acceptability it gets from your clients.

 At Clipping Path Universe, we offer the top of line product photo editing services. Our services include the most crucial eCommerce image editing components, such as background removal, hollow mannequin, shadow effects, etc. Our experts will cater to you and your products’ unique needs. And they will give your online business the extra punch that you have been looking for.

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Product Photo Editing and Retouching That You Only Need

Car Image Background Isolation for Sell

  • Remove Product image background

You want your product photo to be all about your product. But sometimes, the focus tends to shift to the background. Backgrounds are distracting. That is why background removal is one of our most occupied services.

Background removal is the isolation of the subject product of your photo or image. Putting your product photos through this process will give them a more straightforward, cleaner look. It will also emphasize the customer’s attention to your product without any distractions. It is one of the most used photo editing services in the eCommerce industry. 

Removing the backdrop from an image changes the image. The product in the photo becomes more attractive and more eye-catching. But this photo editing service needs 100% accuracy, or it might backfire. That is why our expert designers are the ones you should choose to have your background removed.

Background removal is one of our most occupied services. That is why we know exactly what you are looking for and what you need. We can remove other objects from your photo per your demand, making your products’ images flawless.

  • Product Image Retouching 

Photos do not come out perfectly. It is a sad truth. No matter how perfect your product is, or how skilled the product photographer is, not all your product photos are going to come out perfect. But that is alright. Because in the present world, there are ways to remove imperfections from an image. And we are the best at it.

Generally speaking, retouching refers to the editing process of an image to remove flaws. This process includes removing spots, blemishes, imperfections, etc. from the photo. It sometimes includes adding some tweaks or some new details or whatever you need to do to make your product look more attractive.

With our top-of-the-line services, you do not have to worry about your product photo retouching needs. If you are swamped with bulks of photos or unsure what you need to do, render our services, and our professionals will do those for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax and wait to receive the perfect photo.

  • Hollow Man Mannequin Effect

Hollow Man Mannequin Effect

Online shopping is getting more and more popular every day. As a result, online clothing retail is one of the fastest-growing industries. And if you are a part of the fastest growing industry, you need to stand out amongst a market full of suppliers. And we are here for that.

Clothing retailers and brands use the hollow man mannequin effect or the ghost mannequin effect. It gives their product an open 3D effect. It is a handy photo editing service for the clothing industry as it helps the customers imagine themselves in those garments. And they do not have to compete with human models. 

Implementing the hollow man effect is complicated work. It contains the process of taking several parts that were masked by a mannequin when taking the product photo. It also involves improving the color and shape to give the product its best look. And our experienced graphic designers who are experts in this process will deliver you the best results. 

  • Photo Shadow Effects

When customers buy any product, they try to imagine how it would look in real-life scenarios. But that is a difficult task. And to help them with this task, we offer shadow effects to give your products a more natural look.

The term drop shadow refers to the process of adding shadow effects to a photo. The shadow creation effect gives the image a sense of depth. As a result, the picture and the subject of the photo look more realistic. 

In online businesses, the photo of the products is what attracts the customers. No matter what business strategy you plan, you cannot reach the top if you cannot correctly represent your products. And it is by enticing your customers that you can reach the apex. 

With our shadow effects, our experts can help you highlight specific aspects of your products. Leaving your customers with a much more aesthetically pleasing image that is sure to create a strong impression.

  • Product Photo Color Correction

Did you ever notice that the photos you take lack a certain ‘oomph’ than those you see online? But what is so different between your images and those images? Is it your camera? The answer is no. It is because those photos go through an editing process known as color correction.

Color correction is a process that makes sure that the photo looks exactly as the human eye perceives it. We achieve this result by enhancing and optimizing the color, contrast, and saturation of a photograph. By correcting some simple aspects of your photo, we can make your product photos more appealing. 

Color correction corrects and adjusts the color of the photos to make them as precise as possible. It is one of the most crucial editing parts of an image. Because cameras cannot always capture the hues of a scene as a human eye does. At Clipping Path Universe, we will ensure that you get the perfect color adjustments so that your products do not lose any appeal due to this reason. 

  • Bulk Image Cropping and Resizing

Your website will look like a disaster if you do not have correctly sized and copped photos. Without cropping and resizing, your photos will become distorted, which will, in turn, lose your business. Customers may even end up thinking that someone who cannot even manage to take care of their own needs cannot take care of ours. We can make sure that does not happen.

In online businesses, you do not resize and make necessary copping changes to your product photos one by one. They are done so in bulks to achieve maximum efficiency. But as a business owner, are you willing to spend thousands of dollars for an app to do such a menial task with inexperienced people? Or do you think leaving this task to the experienced and specialized experts at Clipping Path Universe is the better option? 

So, come on down to Clipping Path Universe and employ our team of experts to cater to your bulk image cropping and resizing needs.

  • eCommerce Product Image Compositing

The main goal of product photos is to catch the eye of the consumer. The business owners try to emphasize their products through product photos. And through the use of image composition, our professionals will help you emphasize the subjects in your product photos.

Quality product photos are the driving force of conversation. It also drives engagement, retention, and client value. And in online business, you must present your products well to the customers. If you succeed in doing so, your sales will rise at a much higher rate. 

You cannot have your potential client try your product out and let them know how good it is. The only message you can deliver to them is through your product photos. So, to make the best impression, you need to make sure your products look amazing and catch the customers’ attention. But how would you do that?

Fret not. Our team of expert designers is here to help you catch your potential client’s eyes by bringing out their details. Our professionals work non-destructively and tackle every step to meet your demands without fail.

  • Product Photo Cleaning/ Beautifying 

No matter how careful you are, there are always flaws in your pictures. Maybe you left a fingerprint when placing the product, or someone scratched it, or there was a speck of dust on the lens during the photo session, etc. Does that mean you will not get that perfect photo of the product that you have been looking for?

Not if we at Clipping Path Universe can help it! Our executive team will work on your photos to clean up any unnecessary sketches, spots, blemishes, flaws, etc. from the product photo. And we use professional tools to do so, which gives excellent results, unlike those automatic retouching software programs that yield undesirable results.

Why ECommerce Photo Editing Is Essential for ECommerce?

ECommerce photo editing is a necessity for commercial business. An adequately customized image helps to grab the attention of potential customers. 

  • Building A Brand: 

You may include your product’s details on the site. But, most of the clients will first look at your product’s image, and if the idea intrigues them, only then will they read the description. So, the product photo and hence product photo editing is a key to build your brand.

  • Increase in Sales: 

The product image editing service ensures more significant traffic to your site. And with an increase in traffic, there comes an increase in sales. So, it is ideal for any eCommerce business to invest in such services to ensure a more significant sales number.

  • Higher Performance

To grab a customer’s attention and to earn their trust, you have to display high-quality photos. Low-quality photos may hurt your reputation and hence your performance as it gives your site a poor view.

  • Customer Awareness

When shopping online, the first thing a client sees is a photo of your product. Since the customer cannot touch or feel the product, the only thing they can do is see it. So, you must present them with the best image possible. 

  • Multiple Platform Availability: 

Not every customer will visit your guide via the same platform. You need to resize and reshape your product photos so that they become suitable for different platforms. And that is only possible by employing a product photo editing service. 

Product Photo Edit - Clipping Path and Background Remove

Product Image Editing for Successful ECommerce Business

We are an outstanding outsourcing company. We offer 100% handcrafted Photoshop image editing. Our professionals will provide you with all types of photo editing services. Such as clipping path, background removal, etc. We also offer services like dust and fingerprint removal from your product photo, etc. We have an excellent workflow.

Our team of expert designers works 24/7 around the clock. So, whenever you need support, be it day or night, we will be there for you with our services. And when it comes to quality, price, and turnaround, nobody can beat us.

Here at Clipping Path Universe, we have the perfect solution for eCommerce businesses. Your eCommerce business has some particular prerequisites when it comes to a product demonstration.

Especially online for sale. We can give your products that uniform look. Our professionals will have them fulfill all the particular requirements. These unique requirements are what your products need to attract customers. And click on that ‘Buy Now’ button. And you can even test out the quality of our work for free to see if we are worth our salt. 

Why We are The Most Favorite Product Photo Editor?

If you run an eCommerce business, then it is imperative that you use a product photo editing service. Or, more precisely, you should use Clipping Path Universe’s service because we offer you the best service at the lowest price.

Pricings matter. Even more so when running an eCommerce business because an online business’s primary goal is to maximize profits. At Clipping Path Universe, our prices are very reasonable. It is due to the fact that our primary manufacturing is done in Bangladesh by competent hands where the labor cost is low. As a result, we are able to keep our prices down as well. 

Our team of expert designers works in a non-destructive manner 24/7. They are very experienced and are the best at what they do. And we have the most reliable representative in Germany, ensuring quality control and turnaround.

Free trials, You can get samples for free of cost. You can check out our work quality and how well we can follow your instructions and cater to your demands. We promise you that you will be satisfied with our services. 

Present Your Best with Our Online Photo Editing

Unless you present yourself to be the best, you can never be the best. This is even more applicable in online business. And we can help you look and present your best with the help of our team of expert designers.

No matter what your expectations are, our team of expert designers can meet them and exceed them. With our high-end online photo editing, you will present your best to your customers.

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Get The Best Product Photo Editing Servics 

It is not enough for you to choose any photo editing service to cater to your product photo editing needs. You need to employ the benefits of the best in the business. You cannot rise to the top of the ranks by accepting adequacy. Unless you display the top-tier photos of your products, your customers will not take you seriously.

But, if you upload professional images, your customers will know that you mean business. You can entice them with high-quality product images. And finally, you can compel your visitors to become your customers. And you can achieve this goal by hiring our services at Clipping Path Universe, where the price is low, but the quality is high. Protection Status