Simple Steps | How To Use Light Tent for Small Product Photography?

How to Use Light Tent for Small Product Photography

Learn the easiest ways to Use a Light Tent for Small Product Photography.

Suppose you want to increase the sales of your small products from your online platform. In that case, it is mandatory to know How to do Small Product Photography with a light tent

In the current online marketing era, it is essential to use the right image to attract customers. If you use a dull and raw image, people will not even click on your product. 

The high-quality image will turn your visitors into regular customers. You need to know some technical things while taking a photo of your small product. You can use a light tent for your little product photography. 

In this article, you will get an idea of using a light tent. So, Let’s get started. 

What is a Light Tent or Lightbox?

Light Tent or Lightbox for Small Product Photogrphy

A lightbox or light tent is a contraption having vivid sides. It extends light that comes from different angles. As a result, photographers get a reliable and straightforward background as there will be shadow-less and even lighting.

You will be able to buy a lightbox as a part of the photography kits. Also, if you want, you can build a lightbox kit by yourself. This light tent typically contains two light stands, two lightweight tents, two light bulbs, different coolers, fabric backdrops, and a tripod.

While building a lightbox, you have to buy light bulbs, two light sources, fabric for backdrops, and a poster board.

How to Set up a Lightbox?

There is no doubt that there is a tremendous impact of lighting in photography. Proper lighting will turn your familiar object into a masterpiece. On the other hand, dull and gloomy lighting will decrease the value of your product.

A bright and good seller always uses an attractive image to catch the attention of his customers. If your product is small, it is evident that proper lighting will be the trump card. Many photographers use a lightbox to make the image more attractive. 

If you want to be an expert in product photography, you need to know how to set up a photography lightbox. Check this section to get an overall idea about the lightbox setup. 

Things you need to have for product photography: 

  • A tripod that will keep your camera steady 
  • An excellent source of continuous lighting
  • The reflection will direct or add light
  • Diffuser or filter. These will help to pass the light.
  • The seamless background
  • And most importantly a good camera.

Now, you have all the required elements. Now, it’s time to start your photography.

Follow this Instruction to Capture Professional Product Photos:

  • First of all, you need to assemble your lightbox.
  • Try to keep your lightbox on a stable object.
  • Your seamless background should be clean. Ensure it is free from dirt or mart
  • Clean your product as straightforwardly as possible. There should not be any scratch, visible marks, or dust.
  • Your light should be evenly illuminating. 
  • Don’t forget to keep your camera steady on the tripod. 

So, a photo lightbox will always help you increase the quality of your photography. Most of the sellers use this box, mostly small and jewelry sellers, to enhance the image’s outlook.

It would help if you did set up your pack correctly and start clicking. 

Camera settings for Product Photography White Background

Camera settings for Product Photography White Background

Sometimes, you may need to use a white background for your product photography. So, if you are interested in using a white background, your aperture setting should be f/4.5 to f/7.1. 

Why? It will help to isolate your product from the environment and will help to ensure a sharp focus. Your product details will be exact. 

But, if you are suffering from having a plain background and are interested in isolating yourself from the ground, what should you do? 

In that case, set your aperture camera at f/2.8 or less. It will blur your surroundings. So, if your background is white, be careful about these issues. 

Use a Light Tent for Small Product Photography [Step By Step]

The light tent is one of the recognizable things that novice and expert picture takers consistently use when shooting items. 

Using light tents photography will assist them with taking advanced professional photographs of items and things simpler. 

It will also uphold them channel the light from the source, making an exceptionally even, nearly without shadow light across objects inside the tent. 

The light tents photography helps diminish unforgiving shadows and reflections on gleaming articles, for example, metal or glass. However, you can avoid reflection in glass photography easily, this will make your product more authentic.

It gives a perfect, fresh background to all things. Its exceptional nylon texture diffuses the exterior light, mellow shadow and lessens glare to make the ideal outcome. 

For instance, if you are interested in shiny capture photos, you must use a lightbox for shooting? Why? 

Well, it is going to remove too many bright reflections from your image. Therefore, there is doubt that a light tent will always help enhance your product photography quality. 

Utilize Your Camera Lenses and Zooming Capability

We will now introduce you to how to utilize light tents for little item photos or use lightweight tents photography adequately. 

First of all, you ought to get ready and erect your tents cautiously. At that point, place your things inside your tents and in the specific community. Spot the lights, so the enlightenment is even. 

You can attempt to get the look you need before shooting indeed. For moments, you can likewise explore different avenues regarding pointing the lights marginally at a point instead of straight on at the tent. 

While moving subjects, you need to be extra careful. Because backward and forward may be the system. It may be required to change the shadow and the light.

Do not forget to give space between your wall and the product. Otherwise, while zooming in, you will see edges, not the backdrop. 

Take Advantage of Pre Build Lighting Setup

Likewise, encompassing lighting can influence and legitimately when shooting. You have to pick the specific time since when shooting noontime in diffused indoor light and taking shots around evening time with just the lights themselves for light, it can happen numerous distinctions. 

We should keep away from direct daylight sparkling in or at your tent, as it will be hard to adjust to such an incredible light source. 

It would help if you utilized a stand since this permits you to use a low ISO and a little opening. Also, it will assist you with getting sharp and point-by-point pictures. 

Besides, you adapt your approach to set up the camera. It is ideal to utilize manual presentation and set an introduction that is roughly one stop more brilliant than the meter proposes to consider the considerable territory of white out of sight. 

Photos frequently use wide gaps and particular haze to make them look additionally engaging. In contrast, item shots of artworks and handcrafted products look best with a tight opening to keep the whole thing in the center.

Along these lines, you can set up the camera safely on the mount and utilize either the 2-second clock or a far off-screen delivery to guarantee that your stand stays consistent. 

While doing a product photograph by using a lightbox, focus on some points as follows:

  • Try to use a white background. You will get perfect results around +1; 
  • If you can use dark foundations, you will improve results around – 1. 
  • If a full stop is excessively dull or excessively light, attempt a half or 33% of a halt. 

Tips to Take The Perfect Shot

Approach to pick the best lighting for item photos. The best outcomes will be gotten by utilizing three exterior lights with sunshine colorific bulbs. Nonetheless, you can use light with the light tent to guarantee white equilibrium. 

  • On the off chance that you use a light tent, you should put the two principle lights straightforwardly on either side of the lightweight tent’s photography. 
  • Additionally, you can likewise set the white equilibrium physically by shooting a white card and adjusting from that picture.
  • Finally, utilize your histogram as a guide when handling and restrict using a white foundation to guarantee pictures’ best nature. We should check the presentation for every arrangement by making an effort. 
  • To rundown, to get an idea and reliable white offset with this arrangement, you should kill the room lights and attract the shades to dispose of other light sources.
  • This exercise will manage some approach to utilize a light tent photo successfully; you can allude. 
  • While shooting little to medium items, it is a smart thought to utilize a lightbox. It will permit you to have complete oversight over the subject’s experience and lighting. 
  • A delicate foundation and even diffused lighting will delightfully feature the item and have been demonstrated to create more deals, and higher saw esteem. 
  • Numerous familiar light sources are intrinsically imperfect for this kind of photography since they will, in general, deliver lopsided lighting, undesirable shadows, and wrong white balance. 
  • The Blaze of your camera will regularly overexpose to the subject’s front with marginally underexposing the remainder of the image. 
  • There will typically be little and brilliant reflections if the item is sparkling, for example, a bit of glass. Also, dim shadows are frequently made because of the cruel and direct nature of the light. 
  • Brilliant, direct daylight is somewhat better for capturing an item since the white shading temperature will ordinarily be more natural. 

Pro Tips – Do and Don’ts 

However, similar to the light from the in-camera streak, there will be little splendid reflections just as harsh shadows. 

The particular case is the daylight on a shady day since the light is delicate and diffused. 

This light is not unsurprising, however, and restricts you to short lucky chances for taking photographs. 

  • Room lighting is maybe the trickiest of all. First, most rooms have lights that are of changing tone temperatures. 
  • It can make getting the white equilibrium right almost impossible. Also, there is generally insufficient lighting, causing the item you are shooting to be underexposed. 
  • There are monetarily accessible lightboxes of differing sizes and costs, the vast majority of which are moderately inexpensive. 

However, if you are on a minimal financial plan or potentially essentially have a small bunch of item shots to get, it is effortless to make a lightbox yourself for a couple of dollars.

Make Product Photos Irresistible by Taking Advantages of Photo Editing

Make Product Photos Irresistible by Taking Advantages of Photo Editing

So, you have completed taking images. Now, you can edit those images to make them more attractive.

Raw pictures may emerge dull and light looking. It is impossible to distribute them usually. In this current world advertising period, every item image needs revision, reorganization, and improvements to contend with different associations. 

An awful nature of the image may move some inappropriate messages to a cognizant client. The guests may not tap on the helpless item photographs, which can create the offer’s retirement. 

A site having an excessive number of damaged pictures brings down the colleague of a place and its marking. A lot of unremarkable pictures may influence advertising techniques. It will likewise diminish the customer’s certainty and trust.

There are some essential realities in photography; for example, shadows, lighting, foundation, and forth photograph altering may include many different capacities like editing, photograph foundation eraser, design, arrangement, etc. 

A decent photograph-altering administration can comprehend these constraints. 

Employing an expert photograph altering specialist organization is a decent decision for a site proprietor as they utilize current picture altering programming. 

Professional photograph altering associations offer progressed assistance of photograph altering. There are a few areas of modifying: 

1. Light Retouchup:

The sensors of the computerized camera are not all that incredible, like our eyes. Thus, at times pictures are insufficient alluring. L

You can utilize some unique techniques and innovation to get the ideal outcome. Some compelling apparatuses will assist with modifying your photographs. 

You can likewise take the assistance of expert photograph modifying specialist co-ops. Learn more about retouching services.

You can lessen the haziness and unenvied wrinkles in your pictures by utilizing some potential apparatuses like Photoshop. Wrinkles are considered as the ordinary sign of maturing. 

In this way, it won’t be a tricky choice to eliminate wrinkles from a model’s face. You can diminish the impact of wrinkles. 

The presence of too dull and critical wrinkles, regardless of whether from a helpless lighting framework or might be from the absence of rest, can harm the entire picture. You additionally need to diminish the effect of this issue.

2. Replacing or Removal of Product Background

Photograph foundation eraser is fundamental to add-on photograph altering quality to the incomparable progression. 

Proficient illustrations supervisor likes to utilize some cutting-edge photograph altering devices which ease them to disappear the background from a picture. 

Now, most of the case we make the background white, however, making it transparent leave lot of options. Here is the easiest step-by-step guide to making an image transparent in photoshop.

Suppose the background of a photograph or shades of a foundation isn’t sufficient to fulfill your interest. 

In that case, you can change them as per your requirements by taking assistance from professional background removal services companies

By utilizing a few design editorial managers, you can change shadows of a product, mitigate light-up foundations, change shapes or shades of a specific canvas. It is genuinely hard to shoot a fantastic picture. 

Once more, a large portion of the crude images may emerge of despair and careless background. Along these lines, without correcting a snapshot, it won’t be an intelligent choice to utilize them from any point of view. 

By tapping on the clone stamp apparatus and picking undesirable territory, you can tidy up your picture. 

3. Product Photo Color Grading

Color Correction is viewed as a more innovative cycle in the altering area. The primary role of color grading is to change the tone to carry more feeling to the picture or video. 

It is a critical advance to change the specific style and environment also.

The objective of this part isn’t to make the photograph or video more reasonable. 

All things being equal, it takes a shot at making the clasp outwardly more appealing. 

Numerous editors make too many shading changes to get the necessary tone or mindset. 

Then again, some manager wants to make less shading reviewing to make the film more practical. It genuinely relies upon your prerequisite. 

Yet, there is no uncertainty that this cycle can change the whole visual tone of your picture or video.


So, after reading this article, we think we realized how important it is to use a lightbox in product photography. It not only makes your image flawless but also increases the quality of your image. 

After clicking the image, do not forget to retouch your picture. It will surely make your image more attractive. There, you will be able to attract more customers and your profit is going to be high. 

Throughout the article, we tried to give you a step-by-step guideline about the using method of the light tent. 

After reading our article, we hope you got an idea about how to use a light tent for small product photography. If you love it, do not forget to like, comment and share. Thank you for reading

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